Bad Day? Don’t Panic

November 26, 2018
Even the most skilled and experienced golfer can fall prone to a bad day. Maybe you’re feeling a little under the weather, or maybe you’re distracted by goings on in your personal or professional life. Or maybe you’re feeling absolutely fine, but your swing just i...

The Gift Of Better Golf

December 18, 2016
PGA Tour Break: Best Time To Improve Your Game by Enrolling in the Best Golf Schools With academies located in eleven states, including Arizona, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, and Tennessee, the PGA...

Giving Thanks to the Game

November 27, 2016
As the 2016 year draws to a close and we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, we thought it would be a good idea to give back. To do this, we’ve made a list giving thanks for the Top 10 things that the Game appreciates: The everyday golfer. The fan. The passionate ...

A Golden Rose – The Story of the Men’s Olympic Golf Tournament

August 14, 2016
The Olympic Golf Course, which was built specifically for the 2016 Rio Olympics, meanders through the Marapendi Natural Reserve which also happens to be home to some pretty exotic wildlife. The world’s largest rodents, the capybara, who can weigh up to 150 pounds, roa...

Crucial Course Management Techniques for Every Golfer

February 23, 2016
According to Jack Nicklaus, “A big part of managing a golf course is managing your swing on the course. A lot of guys can go out and hit a golf ball, but they have no idea how to manage what they do with the ball. I’ve won as many golf tournaments hitting th...

Five Ways to Survive the Golf Offseason

January 25, 2016
Some golfers are blessed to live in a location with a climate that permits year-round play. However, most golfers live in a locale featuring a winter season that impacts how much golf, if any, can be played for a number of months. Golfers in such a wintery place who hav...

Golf Fitness: What to Do About Cardio?

August 9, 2015
Who are currently the ten best golfers in the world? 1. Rory McIlroy, 2. Jordan Spieth, 3. Bubba Watson, 4. Dustin Johnson, 5. Ricky Fowler, 6. Jim Furyk, 7. Henrik Stenson, 8. Justin Rose, 9. Jason Day, and 10. Sergio Garcia. What do they have in common? Strong physica...

A Golden New Era

May 17, 2015
A year ago, our founder and CEO, Jay Ewing, was interviewed on the Golficity Golf Show by Frank Fasano. One of the main topics of the interview was the state of the game and in particular the drop-off in interest in the professional game. This was immediately ...

Three Things to Consider Before Buying Used Clubs

March 30, 2015
Though hardly an ambassador for the sport, political commentator and author, P.J. O’Rourke, has been widely quoted for his description of the game of golf: “Golf combines two favorite American pastimes: taking long walks and hitting things with a stick.̶...

10 Things Every Beginner Needs To Know

March 8, 2015
We are going to expand on last week’s infographic that listed the Top 10 things that beginners need to know. In the following article we will go into greater detail with what a new golfer should know and do 1. SHOES. Feet and therefore footwork are an integral part of...
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