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Top Golf School locations in the U.S.

Golf is a sport and leisure activity enjoyed all over the country by thousands of people. It’s a great way to get outdoors and active, enjoy friends and family, see beautiful scenery, and improve on your skills. For some, they like to take it a step further and create goals and challenges to get better and better. There is a strong competitive side to golfing, along with it being a well-enjoyed hobby.

Because of this, many people have found the use of our Arizona Golf School. These locations are some of the top in the country, with so much to offer each student, both on the green and off. If you’ve always been curious about what golf school consists of, learn about the top Arizona schools and what you’ll get access to!

3 of The Best Golf School Locations In The U.S.

The Grand Canyon state is one of the best places on Earth to get your swing on. With incredible resorts, stunning scenery, and ideal weather for much of the year, you shouldn’t forget about Arizona when planning a perfect golf vacation, and these 3 luxury destinations only make your trip all the more special.


The Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass is truly one of both Arizona and Birl Golf School’s pride and joy. Nestled in the perfect Arizona setting and giving a great authentic experience in the desert mountains isn’t something you can beat, especially when it includes unlimited access to the Whirlwind Golf Course. It won best course out of hundreds two different years and includes a Bird Golf Walk of Honor to display some of the greatest prodigies that were born on that very green.

It doesn’t end there! The resort itself is beautiful, luxurious, and filled with activities for rest and relaxation and amazing dining experiences. With your Bird Golf Academy enrollment, you get three nights, complimentary lunch, and plenty of training time with a PGA professional.


Enjoy the Cañada course at The Hilton Tucson El Conquistador Golf Resort! With the addition of tennis, a gorgeous junior sweet lodging, mouth-watering dining options, ideal location, and more — you’re signing up for the trip of your life.

There is a second course to enjoy as well, and you will get unlimited access to both, with up to 30 hours of personal and customized coaching. The Conquistador course has been recently recone to be even more challenging and exciting for our golf students.


With the Sedona mountains as your backdrop, students at Bird Golf will enjoy a 4-star awarded Gary Banks course. The challenges you will face within the course range in difficulty, and the excellent coaching you receive from our PGA professionals will help you grow and improve quicker than you even dreamed was possible. All the while, you will have luxury lodging at the Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock, directly next to the course. With the joy of a one bedroom and excellent dining, as well as a full pool and friendly staff, you’ll wake up in Heaven and come to it each of your three night stay.