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How To Step Up My Golf Game

Over 25 million Americans play and enjoy golf. Though it may not be as popular a sport and leisure activity as it used to be a decade or two ago, golf is still widely enjoyed and accepted as a means for play or work. Because of this, a big question weighs heavily on the minds of golfing Americans –

How to improve as a golfer?

4 Ways To Step Up Your Golf Game

If you look online, you may find dozens of tips, tricks, and videos that can be used to step up your game, but what are the real essentials for getting better quicker? These four steps will elevate you beyond your peers and your own dreams, and place you on the path to becoming a better, stronger golfer.

1. Change Your Mindset

Some of the best golfers in our history have firmly supported the belief that true golf excellence begins with the attitude. When you think like a pro, you play like one. This mental ‘sweet spot’ is taught by our incredible coaches at Bird Golf Academy all over Florida and the country. Originally coined by Carey Mumford, a renowned author and golf expert, this method teaches that if your mind is in the right place, your physical ability will follow quicker. With streamlined, efficient thoughts, a better swing will follow!

2. Enroll In Golf School

A Florida Golf School and excellent one-on-one training with a professional golf coach may be just what you need to see a massive improvement in your golf game! Bird Golf is proud to offer courses and training at five different Florida resorts and locations, all with maximum comfort and incredible golfing greens to enjoy for three-day retreats. If you’re wanting to see all-around improvement and you’re dedicated to this change, our Golf Academy classes can help you learn new techniques, grow stronger, change your mindset, and find a new career in the sport of golf.

3. Set Goals & Challenges

For many, golf is a fun hobby, enjoyed occasionally or frequently depending on the lifestyle currently being experienced. For others, golf is the lifestyle. It’s a means of business, play, relaxation, and exercise. In truth, golf is all of these things, but we can choose how we want our lives to be impacted by the sport. If you want to golf seriously more, set that goal for yourself. If you’d rather see a specific improvement in your swing or score, work towards that. No matter the challenge you set, ensure that is it possible and will be fun to work towards. This can help keep you motivated and in the habit of practicing!

4. Try New or Different Tools

There are many gadgets, and many more being released all of the time, that promise to step your golf game up. Are they all really a secret solution to common mistakes and issues? Well, probably not… but they can be helpful when used as tools! Golf gloves, analytical trackers, and special programs are a few examples of how some golf tools can improve your ability on the green. We use a lot of these important tools at Bird Golf Academy!