I wanted to let you know that I had the most wonderful golf experience of my life this past week with Greg McFee in Killington, Vermont.

His great expertise, knowledge, calmness, patience, humour and love for golf were demonstrated all day every single day! This golf experience exceeded any expectation I could have dreamed.”

Lorraine Carriere
Nepean, Ontario

Golf School: Vermont


Hi Mary,

I wanted to thank you again for the excellent three days of golf school last week. Your patience and ability to improve our game while keeping it fun is a true testament to you and the Bird Golf Academy. Here’s a picture of Norm and me on the 18th fairway during our last round of golf with you. As an aside I came back to Key West and played on Saturday with all these thoughts in mind and had my WORST round in many years. I went back today after a little practice and shot my best round EVER (75). Needless to say all my golf friends wanted to know how it happened. I just said “Mary made me do it!”

Thank you again and have a great rest of the year.”

Kind Regards,
Mike Caron
Key West, FL

Golf School: Florida


I’m sure you guys get tons of emails from former students but just another shout out to our guys – Lee and Jim! (Lee Maiden and Jim Samsing)

My older two kids (Ryan, Justin) are actually 2/3 handicap now and to be honest I’m not sure I realized how good of golfers they were until we all attended Bird Academy together as a “foursome.” (Ryan and Justin were taught by Jim; Gerry and Tyler were with Lee).  We are all implementing the stuff we’ve been taught!

As the 60-something year old guy I never realized how little I knew about the game of golf.  As an example, I was ready to abandon my new putting stroke and go back to my old “pendulum” stroke until I reread my Bird Academy “black book” and Lee’s comments:  ‘After you watched all those putting techniques you’ve agreed with and will stay with that stroke. It’s all practice.’   It’s starting to deliver results!

Hope you guys are all doing well.  We had a fantastic time in Arizona!

Thanks again for all that you’ve taught us and the experience that we had!”

Gerry Agnew

Editor’s note: We had the privilege of working with Gerry and his threes sons, Ryan, Justin and Tyler at our flagship site at Wild Horse Pass in Spring of 2021. They were all superb students as the above e-mail will testify but it was even more special for us to have the chance to spend time with such a terrific family.

Golf School: Arizona


“Hi Jay! I wanted to let you know that my time with Shirley this week was amazing. She created a workshop for me that felt like a cross between the movies “The Horse Whisperer” and “A Field of Dreams. Her passion for the sport paired with her deep ability to connect energetically brought out the best in me not just as a golfer but as a person. She is kind, patient and encouraging. As an athlete, I’ve had my share of coaches. Not one has come close to Shirley. The gift of a coach is to unlock and help to facilitate their athletes abilities and potentials. She brought out both in me with ease and grace. I couldn’t be more grateful.   Thanks again for this week. It was beyond my expectations.     Bianca”

Dr. Bianca Beldini
Nyack, NY 

Editor:  This is extraordinary praise from Dr. Bianca, who is a nationally ranked triathlete and who has been a competitive athlete in many sports. When Dr. Bianca says Shirley is the best coach she has ever had, it is the very highest plaudit. Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your game, Dr. Bianca!    
Golf school: California


“Jay, I can’t thank you enough for all that your Academy has done for me. I am very impressed with your format and Amy Benz is the BEST…. I have a friend for life and the best golf coach for life. This was on my bucket list and I have to say that this has been money well spent especially in the environment we’re in right now.

I look forward to becoming a repeat customer and having Amy tune up my game. She is so humble and so easy to work with that when you have to take constructive criticism and make changes, it’s very easy to do. Her attitude is not about her, it’s about what you have and what she can bring out of you as an athlete and golfer which is very refreshing. I know a lot of people that have gone to golf schools and they walked away with the impression that it was more about the instructor than the student. I couldn’t ever see a situation where Amy would have that attitude, that’s not who she is and not her end goal which is a great reflection of you and Bird Academy.

This experience is going to make me a better golfer but more importantly, it has shown me some things about myself that I have lost touch with. Now I have a better understanding of who I am and what I’m capable of going forward. That’s something I didn’t expect but I’m very appreciative to have reconnected with through my 3 days with Amy.

Thank you again.”

Debi Vandall
Yardley, PA.

Golf School: Florida

EDITOR’S NOTE In the video you will see the “new” Debi in the top video. As you can see, the changes that Debi made are game changing. Debi was already a good player, a 9 handicap, but with her new moves we are certain that she will be doing some pretty amazing things on the course. It is not easy for a good player to make changes like this, so HUGE KUDOS to Debi and her marvelous teacher, Amy!    


Hi, Mary.   Thank you so much for your kind words; but the honor was all mine.

As I mentioned when we parted ways on Sunday, I knew before we met on Thursday that you would almost certainly be a gushing fountain of golf knowledge. You certainly didn’t disappoint on that front. 😊

However, what I hadn’t realized before meeting you was how genuinely and intensely passionate you are at imparting your knowledge to your students and doing everything in your power to build my confidence and help make my golf game all that it can be. Yours is a quiet and discreet intensity; but as a student, I definitely felt it and found it hugely motivating.

Finally, I found our non-golf conversations most enjoyable as well. You know a lot about a lot of things and have a great perspective on the world at large that I very much enjoyed hearing.

In short, you’re an amazing lady, and I’m delighted to have had the chance to work with you, learn from you and generally hang out with you last week. I’ll shortly start working to convince Nathalie to consider spending some time with you, perhaps this coming fall. 😁 I’m sure she will also be pleased to share her perspectives on Coronavirus with you as you build up to your trip to Arizona in a few weeks.

Warmest regards,

Pierre Chenard
Candiac, Canada

Golf School: Florida


“Jay,  Wanted you to know how pleased we were with the whole Bird Golf experience.   From my first call to Bird till the end of our sessions, every contact was handled personally, quickly and pleasantly.   Very rare these days.   Your golf academy was exactly as advertised. Also, very rare.   

Our instructor Scott Ezell put us at ease immediately.  Scott was professional at all times. He was patient but persistent about improving our golf game.   We finished feeling like we got exactly what we signed up for.  We look forward using what we learned to improve and enjoy the game more.   I would confidently recommend Bird Golf to players of any age or skill level.  In short, the whole experience was a kick in.   

Thank you especially as well as Shelley and Scott for everything.”

Jerry DeSio  
Kane, PA

Golf School:  North Carolina


I just wanted to tell you what a phenomenal time I had with Greg in Hilton Head. I was just texting him today that I had one of the best range session since my time with him, and how everything he taught me is coming together in my swing. It is absolutely amazing the amount of instruction he gave me, and what struck me the most was that he more than matched my intensity and desire to improve, and that is saying a lot. Greg will tell you firsthand I can get pretty intense😂. For someone in my shoes that is new to the game of golf, I feel more than fortunate to have experienced this time with Greg. I left the school with a brand new outlook on the game. The only bad thing about the trip for me was that it had to end. It seems like every other day I wish I was back laughing with Greg on that beautiful course. I’ve already told Greg that I am definitely returning for a two day refresher, hopefully sometime this upcoming summer. But until then, I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!”

Best regards,

Ashby Lilly
Richmond, VA

Golf School: Hilton Head  


Jay and Shirley,

Received your follow up letter today regarding the Golf Academy. I wanted to let you know that of all the things I have on my bucket list and the ones I have checked off, this is the only one I would come do again. It was an amazing experience and Shirley was the perfect pro for Lisa and I. We are trying to figure out when we can schedule this again. Not only was Shirley instrumental in helping improve my game she also helped me select clubs that will also make a difference. Thank you Shirley for going the extra mile in doing that for me. We have a four season doom in Columbus, because we are still at 10 degree temps here, that I have gone to since I have been back and even I am shocked at how much I retained. Must have been the teaching and exercises Shirley consistently reinforced. I know I am going to love the season much more this year than I ever have in the past, just waiting for spring to show up and these artic temps to exit our area.

I am so thrilled that we choose Bird Golf to have this great experience.

Sue Lusk-Gleich
Columbus, OH

Golf School: Arizona


I wanted to let you know that we loved our 3 days of golf school with Scott. He is not only a great guy, but a terrific teacher. Debbie and I definitely had an exceptional learning experience and Scott rebuilt our swings from scratch with obvious improvement. We learned a tremendous amount in a short time and it was work. Now the hard work of finding time to practice and put it all together starts. Scott worked us through great drills that we will take away with us and also strategies for managing our game on the course.

Proud to be Bird Golf Academy Alumni and look forward to putting the skills we learned into practice.

Thank you”

Joel Rosen and Debbi Bernstein
New York, NY

Golf school: Vermont

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