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Five Ways to Survive the Golf Offseason

Some golfers are blessed to live in a location with a climate that permits year-round play. However, most golfers live in a locale featuring a winter season that impacts how much golf, if any, can be played for a number of months. Golfers in such a wintery place who have a hankering to hit the links might consider one of the five following recommendations on how to survive the golf offseason.

  1. Hit the Gym

When the sun is out and the weather is right, it is a hard sell to get a golfer to forgo time on the course to work on his golf strength and conditioning. However, a great way to pass the offseason is to work on one’s golf fitness. Indeed, strength training and cardio workouts that might be avoided during the season because they take too much energy and leave a golfer too sore or tired to hit the links afterward can be embraced during the cold winter months. Likewise, for the golfer with a high premium on his time, who can’t fit in both a golf outing and a workout during a normal day in the season, he ought to be able to find time to work out during the offseason since he’s not out on the course regularly. Furthermore, failing to work out during the offseason may negatively impact a golfer’s game when springtime does come. As a result, if the cold windy weather is getting you down, consider working on your golf fitness this offseason.

  1. Take a Golf Vacation

Another great way to get one’s spirits up during the offseason is to take a golf vacation. Take a trip to southern California, Arizona, or Florida. Escape the cold and snow for a week or two and enjoy some sun and good golf. Be sure you plan ahead, however, as many golfers may have the same idea. One should make sure to schedule tee times and hotel rooms well in advance, and also watch the weather, for even these warmer areas still are occasionally impacted by winter weather. If you can fit such a trip into your schedule, however, it may well be that mid-offseason pick-me-up to get you through until the springtime.

  1. Find a Virtual Golf Studio

Although not yet a common feature of every town, virtual golf studios are becoming more and more popular. Some are lined with individual hitting rooms where you can alternate between virtual driving ranges and virtual courses. Many will also have indoor putting surfaces. Further, some of these studios will organize winter golf leagues, so instead of just hitting golf balls at the screen and measuring stats, a golfer can compete against others in his town, playing on the virtual representations of some of the best golf courses in the world.

  1. Visit an Indoor Golf Center

Similar to the virtual golf studios, indoor golf centers are popping up across the county. Although hitting off of artificial turf is never going to be the same as hitting off the grass, these indoor golf centers still present the golfer living in a colder climate with the opportunity to improve certain aspects of his game. Indoor golf centers are all different, but most have areas to hit each club in one’s golf bag.

  1. Spend Time with Your Golf Instructor

Another great way to pass the offseason is to spend time with your golf instructor. Indeed, you could combine a number of the above recommendations by fitting in a trip to one of Bird Golf’s golf schools. With schools located across the country, including in warm weather climes such as Arizona, California, and Florida, you can plan your golf vacation around your Bird Golf course. Check out our website for more information.

Whatever you do, don’t let the offseason blues keep you down. Whether you stay busy by hitting the gym in order to improve your strength and flexibility, take a golf vacation to a warmer climate, spend time in a virtual golf studio or indoor golf center, or visit your golf instructor, a well-used offseason can be just the trick to hit the ground running when the weather warms up and your local golf course opens.