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PGA Tour Break: Best Time To Improve Your Game by Enrolling in the Best Golf Schools

With academies located in eleven states, including Arizona, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, and Tennessee, the PGA Tour Break is an excellent time to improve your golf game. Surely one of these locations is in close proximity to your home and in a climate conducive to golf any time of the year.

Let’s be clear, with the current PGA Tour format, PGA Tour golfers don’t really get a break. Indeed, there are golf tournaments scheduled every month. This requires each golfer to build into his schedule a time for rest and recuperation. But as it turns out, many golfers make this time of year their break time, especially as many tournaments are located in remote places such as China, Mexico, Australia, and the Bahamas. At the very least they are not playing in as many tournaments, thereby giving themselves some breathing room.

That said, with much of the United States covered in winter’s snow starting now and continuing through March or April, now is an opportune time for you to plan your next golf trip around instruction from a Bird Golf professional. If you still need convincing, here are a few reasons why this would be a fantastically great idea.

Get a leg up

Making the winter break into a time when your golf game improves is going to give you a significant advantage over your playing partners for two reasons. First, they’re probably not playing much golf, perhaps opting instead for a seat on the coach for football season. Second, not only will you be playing golf, you will be receiving top of the line golf instruction from a PGA certified professional. Thus, the improvements to your game will be two-fold: playing golf during what would otherwise be the off season, and receiving lessons from the best. Your golf game come spring time will be considerably more progressed.

Go somewhere warm

Warm weather is better on your body and spirit. Indeed, AccuWeather surmises, based on medical evidence, that warm air can positively affect your mood and exercise regimen, exposure to more light in a more moderate climate can boost alertness and one’s sleep cycle, and the increased Vitamin D intake can make for healthier bones and lower one’s disease risk. Now, combine these benefits with beautiful golf courses and even better golf instruction, and you can probably see where we’re going here. Scheduling your next golf trip during the upcoming winter months will be great for your golf game, and it will also be great for your physical and mental wellbeing.

Cheaper travel costs

Another practical reason to schedule your golf instruction session with Bird Golf in January or February? It’s a great time to buy an airplane ticket for the cost conscious traveler, according to FareCompare. After the New Year’s holiday concludes, January and February are considered “dead zones,” meaning they are great months to buy considerably cheaper airline tickets. And the savings aren’t miniscule. You might even save enough to cover a couple additional nights in a hotel, a few more rounds of golf, or a new golf club or two. As a result, choosing to make the PGA Tour “break” (we’ll call it that) your time to up your game, is also going to be the best on the pocket book.

Have fun

As if you need another reason to book your lesson with Bird Golf soon, consider the perks of working with some of the best golf instructors in the country on some of the most stunning golf courses nationwide. Pair that with the destinations in which these golf schools are located, places with balmy climates and fun attractions galore, and cheaper travel costs, and you have for yourself an excellent opportunity to take the steps necessary to keep your golf game on an upward trajectory. This will be especially timely where many of your playing partners will be letting their games hibernate in the cold winter weather covering much of the United States.

Let these reasons help you make up your mind to invest in your golf game in the best way possible: by receiving golf instruction from a Bird Golf instructor (or giving such as a gift https://www.birdgolf.com/golf-school-rates/golf-school-gift-certificate/ for your beloved golfer).