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William Bud Colden

“Never have I made a better investment in golf than I did this past January with Tim Peightal. I am playing the best golf I have ever played and enjoying it more. I didn’t think that I would be able to do as well as I have at the age of 67, but I was wrong. The adjustments that Tim made in all aspects of my game has me hitting the ball with more accuracy than ever before, and my short iron distance is about 10 to 15 yards longer than it had been. My bad shots are fewer and usually have better results than in the past, and my good shots have very pleasing results. I have improved substantially in chipping and putting thanks to Tim’s advice. My handicap index is currently down to a 13, and of course, the law of diminishing returns factors in as we try to get lower scores. I can remember when I was really pleased if I broke 90. Now I am not satisfied unless I am in the low 80’s. I still hold out hope that breaking 80 will become the norm!

If I decide to seek further help with my game, I would want it to be with Tim. His clear guidance and his understanding of the individual golfer’s strengths and limitations, makes him the ideal instructor.

William (Bud) Colden
Troy, NY

Golf School: Florida