Teaching Philosophy

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bird golf

The Ultimate Golf Learning Experience®

At Bird Golf Schools, we do not teach a system or method... because each golfer is different. Since no two people/golfers are the same, how could we then teach everyone the same way?

What we do believe is that there are many ways to swing a golf club. What we offer you is the finest staff of teaching professionals available. Professionals who, in their vast experience as teachers and players, have the ability to diagnose your individual strengths and weaknesses. Our unparalleled golf instruction schools offer the expertise needed to evaluate each and every student individually. This allows us to give you a permanent path to improvement. You will not leave the Bird Golf Schools and lose all you learned, because we will teach you how to take your game to the golf course. We guarantee it.

bird golf
bird golf

Mission Statement

The Bird Golf Schools will provide each of our students with the "Ultimate Golf Learning Experi-ence"0" by providing each student with the finest PGA, LPGA and other allied professionals; golf facilities; and the most luxurious accommodations available. In every way it is our goal to provide our students with the best.

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