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Hub Donald

CONGRATULATIONS TO: Hub Donald (who is taught by Jim Samsing), as he relays this wonderful news:

“My first hole in one was on June 22 2008, at Calvert Crossing Golf Club in Calhoun, La. It was on the 8th hole, a 143 yard par three, uphill to a blind green. I hit a 5 iron and saw it bounce once. My friend playing with me, [Ed Lepp],said ,”That went in the hole’. I said ,”It probably rolled to the back of the green”. His shot was off the green so when we got to the green and saw no ball on the green, he said ,”I told you it went in”. I said, “I’m going to look in the hole first”. And there it was!

Great feeling! Seems like I’ve been playing all my life for that feeling.”

Hub has also been doing great things with his swing for the last few months and is playing the best golf of his life. Well done, Hub and keep up the awesome work!

P.S. You owe Jim a “cocktail”!