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Bird Golf Schools and their professionals are proud to present and be the first golf school to integrate yoga into golf schools. Incorporating yoga basics into your golf game coincides with Bird Golf’s instructional values and beliefs; stay fit mentally and physically and your game will improve. Design your own yoga for golf fitness program with your Bird Golf Yoga professional to not only get in shape but improve strength, flexibility, and wellness.

Golfers can incorporate a small amount of yoga into their lives which can at a minimum assist with flexibility and relaxation on the golf course. Incorporating a larger amount of yoga can provide numerous benefits to your golf game, such as improving your posture, learning to stay focused without tension, learning to really read and feel your body making the right swing, strengthen and tone muscles needed for your swing, increase flexibility for turning motion, help you stay balanced, release negative thoughts and help you develop a positive state of mind.

Bird Golf Schools will be providing in select locations, a half hour yoga plan taught by one of Bird Golf’s yoga instructors that will be introduced to you each morning before your golf school starts (upon your request). This is a fitness program for men and for women of all ages. If you adopt this program into your golfing routine you will see and feel results in how your body feels during your swing.

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Golf professionals everywhere are using Yoga and/or Pilates to get fit. Bird Golf schools are forward-looking and will continue to expand and offer fitness programs and tips that are up to date with today’s health and fitness needs.

Vision Statement

The Bird Golf Academy mission has always been to provide students with “The Ultimate Golf Learning Experience®”. We believe that providing Yoga along with golf instruction will make your golf school even more memorable and enjoyable. Our objectives are to guide our students through a workout exercise suitable for beginners and up to all levels of person’s with varying abilities, provide essential stretches and postures to avoid golf injuries and contribute to the health and well-being of those people that touch our lives.

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