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Craig Smith a Certified as a Sportbox AI 3D

In the world of golf, where tradition meets innovation, the latest strides in technology are reshaping the way players perfect their swings and refine their skills.

One of our talented instructors, Craig Smith, has embraced the new technologies available in golf and is now certified as a Sportbox AI 3D, Coaching Professional for evaluation and training. If you’re looking to infuse some technology into the way you learn the game of golf, Craig is the pro for you.

Sportsbox AI is an Artificial Intelligence powered technology company that develops AI Coach through mobile applications in sports and fitness. They are using patent-pending 3D Motion Analysis and Kinematic AI Technology that provides real-time data and full analysis on golfer’s swing and track progress.

As the realm of technology in golf instruction continues to evolve, Craig remains steadfast in his pursuit of knowledge, consistently seeking out novel insights to propel his students toward the forefront of the game.