Bad Days on the Green: What to Do When You’re Off Your Game

November 7, 2019
On a good day, you feel unstoppable with your club in hand. On a bad day? A lot of fun to be had while golfing can be sucked right out of you, and the discouragement of an off day can affect your games later. How can you beat the bad day golfing blues? Here are [&hellip...

Technology That Can Improve Your Golf Game

October 28, 2019
Golf has been a preferred activity for many, and is one sport that is known for following someone their whole life. It’s enjoyed for social outings, work meetings, weddings, and more, and it’s a classic American pastime. In addition to being a wonderful hobby and fu...

Come meet our LPGA and PGA instructors

September 9, 2019
At a golf academy, you can have the opportunity to be trained and coached by some of the best members and professionals out there. With their exclusive, valuable insight and lessons, you can see a major improvement in your golf technique, and up your game immensely. Kno...

How To Choose a Golf School For You

August 8, 2019
One of the easiest ways to improve your golf game, meet amazing friends on the green, and get that toned up skill you always wanted was to attend golf courses. It may sound silly at first, but this is a genuine opportunity that has helped so many others, and it’s fun ...

Helpful hints to improve your golf game

July 30, 2019
When you take up the peaceful sport of golfing, you may enter with the mindset that it’s incredibly easy; which is far from the truth! Golfing is both relaxing as well as challenging; don’t fret, though! No one is an expert when they first start out. You can fol...

Is Yoga Beneficial To Golf?

July 30, 2019
Believe it or not, doing yoga is extremely popular in the golfing world! Yoga can help naturally improve flexibility and general mobility, so it is considered the most useful and important exercise that a golfer can practice. You determine your speed in golf with the ab...

A Triumphant Return

July 21, 2019
The Open Championship made a triumphant return to Ireland after a 68-year hiatus with the 148th edition of the game’s oldest Championship at Royal Portrush The last time golf’s most venerable test was contested at Portrush in 1951, a relatively sparse crowd of 8,000...

Four Fantastic New Destinations

July 11, 2019
We are extremely proud to announce our new corporate partnership with Brown Golf Management, a Golf Inc top 25 management company since 2015, and the addition of four new amazing sites. These sites are in locations that Bird Golf has never been before and give our stude...

The Permission To Be Great

June 30, 2019
It is truly one of the astonishing characteristics of the human being that we are quick to applaud greatness but even quicker to try and un-do those acclimations. Case in point is Brooks Koepka. We read an article written last week that suggested that Koepka was an unin...

How to Beat the Heat on the Golf Course

June 18, 2019
Golf has been an American fan-favorite sport for dozens of decades, and it’s one that can be enjoyed for most of the year. Though the peak season for golfers is in the Spring, many enjoy extending their play months into the summer, despite the heat. If you’re hoping...
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