How To Step Up My Golf Game

March 13, 2020
Over 25 million Americans play and enjoy golf. Though it may not be as popular a sport and leisure activity as it used to be a decade or two ago, golf is still widely enjoyed and accepted as a means for play or work. Because of this, a big question weighs heavily on the...

Top Golf School locations in the U.S.

March 13, 2020
Golf is a sport and leisure activity enjoyed all over the country by thousands of people. It’s a great way to get outdoors and active, enjoy friends and family, see beautiful scenery, and improve on your skills. For some, they like to take it a step further and create...

A Legend In Her Time

March 3, 2020
Tune-in to the Golf Channel during the week of March 16 when they celebrate the legendary career of Mary Mills. Mary and fellow LPGA icon, Sally Little, are the two honorees at the 2020 LPGA Volvik Founders Cup, in Phoenix, AZ. The 4-day Tour event is from March 19-22 a...

Golf Gloves – The Pros and Cons

January 16, 2020
The game of golf has many different accessories included in the sport. From various clubs, caddies, carts, fashion styles, and even golf shoes, golfers have a lot of aesthetic decisions to make. It’s not all for the appearance and style, though. Many of these accessor...

Tips and Tricks from a Golf Pro

January 16, 2020
We have a lot to learn from the top golfers in the country. Pro golf stars and expert instructors all have plenty of wisdom to offer the sport and it’s avid fans and participants, but is it possible to get access to the top tips and tricks you could stand to learn fro...

Top Golf School in the Midwest

January 15, 2020
Have you ever considered attending a golf school? If so, but you feel limited in your options due to your midwest location, you’re far from being out of luck! The top golf school in the midwest is hosted by yours truly, us at the Bird Golf Academy, and it’s simply o...

All The Presidents Men

December 15, 2019
The Presidents Cup is played every other year on opposite years of its more illustrious big brother, The Ryder Cup. It pits the best 12 American players against an International team made up of the best twelve players (excluding Europeans who make up the Ryder Cup). One...

How To Create America’s Best Senior Golfers

December 12, 2019
Golf has been a true American pastime for several decades, and has continued to remain a staple in recreational activities for seniors throughout the ages. From its many benefits that contribute both to social lives and your physical health, golf is a relaxing, minimall...

Bad Days on the Green: What to Do When You’re Off Your Game

November 7, 2019
On a good day, you feel unstoppable with your club in hand. On a bad day? A lot of fun to be had while golfing can be sucked right out of you, and the discouragement of an off day can affect your games later. How can you beat the bad day golfing blues? Here are [&hellip...

Technology That Can Improve Your Golf Game

October 28, 2019
Golf has been a preferred activity for many, and is one sport that is known for following someone their whole life. It’s enjoyed for social outings, work meetings, weddings, and more, and it’s a classic American pastime. In addition to being a wonderful hobby and fu...
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