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Top 10 Golf Swings of All Time

Welcome to the first Bird Golf – Golf School Blog post! The purpose of the blog is to continue the learning off the course and have a bit of fun as well. We encourage you, our golf school students to participate and share your opinions. We will be featuring two main articles/posts each week, written by different members of our staff; to get things started, as it were. We also want your opinions and comments! The new staff posts will be on each Monday and Friday but we encourage you all to check back with our blog often, as there will be new posts regularly.

For our first article, I thought it would be interesting to come up with(and with apologies to David Letterman!), a list of the “Top Ten Golf Swings of All Time”. Fell free to join in and comment, with your own favorites or reason why someone on my list should not be there!

  1. Tiger Woods. Simply the best. Not only is his swing so sound mechanically (I think that he would still be the best player left handed!), but he also has the strongest mind, the best short game; AND he always thinks that he can improve (a lesson for all of us).
  2. Mickey Wright. I never saw her swing in person, but have watched extensive footage of her and seen a lot of pictures. Beautiful. Her balance was extraordinary and her mechanics nearly flawless.
  3. Sam Snead. The Slammer! Like, Mickey Wright, he swung with perfect balance and rhythm. His swing was so sound that he recorded a Top 10 in a PGA Tour event….in his sixties!
  4. Bruce Crampton. Crampton may not be a household name to many of you (although he was a consistent money winner for many years on the PGA Tour) but he swung a club effortlessly and had little or no wasted motion.
  5. Bobby Jones. Graceful. Although his swing would today, be considered much too long (in the 30’s players’ swings had to have a lot more moving parts and hinges because the equipment was not nearly as advanced as it is today (primarily shafts and balls) it is perhaps the most fluid and elegant of all time.
  6. Karrie Webb. Absolutely the finest swing on the LPGA Tour today. Very simple and yet, extremely powerful. I just wish that she would smile more!
  7. Fred Couples. Although there are technical aspects of Fred’s swing that may not be “textbook”, he is perhaps the best “swinger” of the club, of all time. His rhythm, tempo and balance are like listening to a grand master, play piano.
  8. Tom Weiskopf. He does not make this list because of his personality and certainly his volcanic temperament cost him several tournaments that he should have won, but there was no better swing in the 70’s.
  9. Ernie Els. The “Big Easy”. Does anyone look more effortless swinging a club? The tallest player on the list (which makes him even more remarkable because it is harder for taller people to have that consistent balance) but he defines grace with a golf club.
  10. Sharon Miller. OK, I may have a bias here; but I once watched Sharon hit 5 irons for an hour and the furthest any ball was from her target, was 4 yards! You could set Greenwich mean time to the cadence of her swing.

So, there you have it. That’s MY list. Just one person’s opinion. What’s yours?