I have just returned from my Palm Springs vacation and wanted to share with you my experience with Coach Craig Waryan and our three day golf instruction at Indian Wells.

First, I wanted to comment on the wonderful facilities and accommodations that were set up at the Hyatt Grand Champions Resort. The location and proximity to the golf course and instruction area were convenient and the resort itself was both inviting and comfortable during my stay. Indian Wells is truly a world class facility and ranks very high on my all-time favorite golf destinations.

Secondly and most importantly, I wanted to comment on the fantastic instruction and valuable experience I had with Coach Craig. From the very start, I was nervous that a “semi-experienced golfer” like myself would be overwhelmed with a lot of information about what I have been doing wrong and was worried that an overhaul of my swing would be in order, effectively undoing all my habits from 9 years of play and causing me to feel as though I am starting from scratch. Coach Craig ensured that wasn’t his objective and basically spent time learning my swing, understanding my tendencies and then using that information to tweak and modify so as to correct and not just change for the sake of change.

For an individual like myself who has never had professional instruction, Coach Craig’s teaching approach was welcoming and helped me to not only listen, but retain his instruction. There were elements to the lessons that were both simplified and technical in nature, and both methods worked in concert near flawlessly. Credit to Coach Craig for knowing which method to use at which time. It was an absolute pleasure spending my time learning the game from such an accomplished instructor.

The definitive and most concrete evidence I can give of my positive experience was how enjoyable golf was during my time with Coach Craig and also every round I played after the 3 day program was over. I am now back in Calgary and absolutely disappointed that I’m unable to play until the springtime. I have already seen noticeable improvements in my game and I’m confident I will be achieve my personal golf goals in the coming season. Hitting the ball straighter, longer and with the desired ball flight is addicting – I just want to keep playing more. I feel I’m equipped with a lot more valuable knowledge on both the physical and mental aspects of the game and the retention of said information is entirely due to the excellent and commendable instruction of Coach Craig.

If this was the level and quality provided from all teaching golf professionals, I would certainly recommend professional instruction to anyone. However, though I cannot comment on other golf schools or instructors, I do now know what Bird Golf can offer and the quality of instruction from Craig Waryan. And without a doubt, I will recommend your school and especially Coach Craig to anyone interested in learning and seriously developing their golf game. I cannot wait to get back on the driving range this week, let alone the golf course next season.

Thank you so much for making golf even more enjoyable than it already was.

Take care,

Dennis de Jesus
Calgary, AB

Golf School: California


Michelle and I have just arrived back in New Zealand after spending what we both agree is our best adventure yet! Lee was out of this world (not an alien though) and Michelle and I learnt more than we ever thought possible in only five days. We felt at ease from the very first moment we met Lee and he has a true knack of getting the most from the time available. The resort, Indian Wells, Palm Springs, California and the USA were all truly amazing.

Thanks to Bird Golf for making my 50th such a memorable time.

Richard Toulson
Albany, New Zealand

Golf School: California


I just returned from one fantastic week with Jim Samsing of Bird Golf School at Wild Horse Pass Resort in Arizona. What a week! Jim was great, helping not only to build my swing but train my mind to hit the best shots I ever have with a golf club. I will put all the instruction to use this summer, practicing (with a purpose) and playing. My wife and I loved the resort and spa at Wild Horse Pass, and she’s already looking at when and where to book my next session with Jim. I cannot recommend Bird Golf enough, nor compliment Jim enough! If you want to play better and have more fun, enroll in Bird Golf Academy…NOW!

John S Corsale, Jr.
Raleigh , NC

Golf School: Arizona


“My girlfriend and I spent three days with an instructor at the Sedona Golf Club. It was a wonderful experience on so many levels. Hopefully I can remember all the things that made it wonderful as I share them with you now.

First, the process of registering was unexpectedly easy and pleasant. I worked with Bob Willis. I learned about Bird Academy by searching the Web for some type of golf vacation, so I called completely cold. I truly did not know anything about Bird Academy beyond what I read on the Web. I was pleasantly surprised by the personal attention I received from Bob as he answered my initial questions, and then followed over the next couple of days. I was surprised when I received the questionnaires regarding our goals and personality, but at the same time, I was impressed with the idea that you were interested in finding out about us in advance. My hope was that the information would really be used for tailoring our time with an instructor, but of course, at that point, I didn’t know how it would be used.

The Sedona Rouge Resort was such a gem. We enjoyed the facilities, and appreciated that you structured the package so that our resort fees were already covered and that we had $25 each day towards incidentals. The Sedona Golf Resort was an amazing place. I felt like a celebrity getting to hang out at such a beautiful course and receive such attention from the staff. On the first day, we parked the car and started getting our gear out, and a staff member zoomed up in a cart and already knew who we were! I still don’t know how he did that. He grabbed our clubs and told us our instructor was waiting for us at the club house. All of the facilities there were wonderful, from the food services, to the putting green, to the course, to the gift shop and more! I haven’t made it completely through Carey’s book yet, but I find it fascinating. I probably will give him a call as I get further into it. I’m not sure I quite understand my profile, so it would help to be able to converse with him. Thank you for providing his contact information. I appreciate the fact that your instruction addresses both mental and physical aspects of golf.

And finally… our instructor. I can’t say enough positive things about our experience with her. From the first moment that we met her, she felt like an old friend. Her style of teaching was a great match for us. She took the time to get to know us and know our games. I so appreciated the fact that she didn’t try to fix everything. She was able to identify the small things that made the biggest difference. There is one moment with her that I will always remember. We were at the driving range. She asked me to verbalize the thoughts that go through my mind as I set up and swing. I won’t tell you everything I told her, because it is a bit embarrassing (suffice it to say I was thinking WAY too much). She said, “Put that all out of your mind, and just think about your finish.” The very next swing I made was the best one I hit all day. I’ve kept that with me since then, and its changed my game (for the better!). I could go on and on about the 3 days we spent there, but I think you get the idea. I have kept in touch with her and she has been very responsive and willing to talk. In fact, during my last visit to Scottsdale to see my Dad, she met us over at the Ping factory and arranged a personal tour of the factory for us! It was great fun.”

Kelley Shaw
Albuquerque, NM

Golf School: Arizona


Dear Jay

Let me start by saying that Debbie & I were treated in a first class manner for the entire Bird Family experience. The accommodations were outstanding; the instructions were also outstanding and the location in Sedona was gorgeous! We found Shirley to be patient with us and her instructions were clear and appropriate! She is an excellent instructor and we enjoyed her company as well. You are lucky to have her as part of the team!

The Clear Key concept, which Shirley gave us, is particularly appealing to us as we are constantly thinking about all the things we SHOULD be doing and therefore we don’t do them properly! I am looking forward to the day we can get out on the course and work on the game in real time.

By the way – we both found the personality profile quite interesting and right on the mark – perhaps so correct to be amusing! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and expect to be back next year!

John & Debbie McCrea
Ontario, Canada

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Golf School: Arizona


A huge thanks to you and your vision!!!! My golf school was everything you had promised and more – I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the bunkers, on the practice greens and range and on those gorgeous Whirlwind courses. I can still feel the “ear to ear” grin I had on my face on Wed when I “gave myself a chance” on each of the 9 holes we played. A bit of tumbling down to earth though on my return to 4 degree Celsius temperatures (not liking the cold, I won’t be hitting the driving range until we warm up a bit, hopefully in the next week or so) as I am itching to get back out to the range and course.

We also had a wonderful evening at Kai. And my sisters and I had a wonderful and peaceful time at the resort which was much needed.

Dr. Shannon Venance
London, ON; Canada

Golf School: Arizona


“Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know what a tremendous 4 days Ewing Madole and I had at the Bird Golf Academy last week. l also want to thank you so much for recommending Sharon Miller to us as an instructor. I would run out of superlatives before I could completely capture how terrific Sharon is as an instructor and as a person to spend time with. Sharon worked us hard but also kept it fun. She has infinite patience and if I didn’t grasp something one way she had a bevy of other drills or swing thoughts to try. Sharon keeps at it until you grasped it. I only wish I could mimic her wonderful tempo and repeating swing. I certainly intend to be a returning Bird Golf Academy student in the future. Thanks again and Best Wishes.”

Paul Eldridge
Hamilton, Bermuda

Golf School: Arizona


I just finished my last day with Tim at Pelican Bay, and I was actually very teary leaving him:) He is EXCEPTIONAL!!! An amazing teacher of the game of golf….like none I’ve ever seen. And an amazing man and person who I am extremely and forever truly honored to have met and know. My goals this week were: to break 50 for 9 holes and 100 for 18 holes, and to improve my short game…and I did all of those things…he is a miracle worker!

I can’t thank you and, mostly Tim, enough for my week of learning, with much more intent and appreciation and respect and diligence, the precious game of golf. I am excited to spend the rest of my life playing and getting better at it!!


Heidi Holland

Oxbow, ND

Golf School: Colorado


“Sorry I have been so slow to get back to you. It is certainly not a reflection of my excitement over my school experience!! Sandy and I had a delightful and very productive three days with Mary. She is a fascinating and knowledgeable woman on so many levels. After working with us each day she returned the following morning with a very well thought action plan….always leaving room in the day for any of our requests. The format for the day made all of the information digestible. The lunch break and note taking provided a good break to summarize and reflect on what we newly learned. I have even carried my notes with me to practice my chipping and pitching!

I definitely came away from the experience with some new skills and renewed focus. I hope I get the opportunity to work with Mary again. I have been to schools that were enjoyable but for various reasons I have not been back. I don’t expect that to be the case with Mary. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her.”

Ellen Menendez
Cockeysville, Maryland

Golf School: Florida


I am writing this to convey two thoughts regarding my experience at your golf school this January in Palm Springs.

First, I chose your school based on your curriculum concept. The idea of practice sessions followed by supervised play on a course with the Pro was very appealing to me. I certainly was not disappointed in the manner, quantity or quality of the format. Your school is not a lecture on golf theory, it is a direct attack on the individual game of the participants. I attended with my good friend who is much younger and more supple than I and what he was taught was tailored to his game as was my instruction. This is not the normal “one size fits all” instruction program.

Second, Craig Waryan is truly a “Master” teacher. I came to the school with one thought which was to see if there was any more game in my 60 year old body. I am a 7 handicap and have a few moments every year when a sub par round appears in my game. My issue is that I have never done this on a course over 6800 yards. I wanted to know if “given my personal limitations such as age, flexibility and strength” there was another 10 to 30 yards hiding in my body somewhere. Craig very skillfully gave me the tools in such a manner that I was able to incorporate them immediately into my game. His ability to both explain and demonstrate in a manner that got me to respond has made a very dramatic improvement in my game. Armed with this new horizon I am now excited to practice for the first time in years. Craig showed me that I not only could but that I should get more length. By the end of the school I had added and easy 20 yards off the tee and had the occasional 60 yards. More importantly I have renewed confidence in my ability to take my game to a new level. His understanding of the short game was masterful. He taught me a variety of very useful shots and concepts that I am sure will lower my scores and add to my enjoyment of the game. The course management help that he provided during the playing portion of the day was wonderful, particularly when he “talked the talk and then walked the walk”. Watching him manage his own game was worth the trip for me.

Thank you for your great concept and execution. I would recommend your school to anyone interested in seriously improving their game.

Michael Sorensen, President
Reoxcyn Medical Research
Salt Lake City, Utah

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Golf School: California

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