We’ve returned back to the east coast safe, sound, and swinging much better after our experience at your golf school. Certainly we were pleased with all aspects of the golf school including the resort and your attention to detail and customer satisfaction. What was, however, well beyond our very high expectations was the quality of interactions with had with Sharon (Miller). Her ability to communicate and relate to us (as two very different learning types, at two very different abilities) was incredible. She was able to capture and sustain our complete interest and involvement for five FULL days while making it fun, deeply enriching, and highly educational. We WILL return to the Bird School when it’s time for our next golf school experience – simply put – because of Sharon. See you then!

T. Kyle Vanderlick
Professor and Chair-Princeton University
Department of Chemical Engineering

Golf School: Arizona


Hi Jay, we can’t thank you enough for this experience, everything was great and Greg was not only an excellent instructor but a really good friend whom made us feel at home. 

We are looking forward to continue practicing all the teachings we received and to share with Greg and the Academy our progress. 

It would be great if the academy package could somehow be extended to Colombia in the future and maybe to receive instructors like for further lessons for golfers there.

Please receive my best regards.”

Juan C. Ojeda and Marcela Cardenas

Golf School: Florida


It has been two years since my first Bird Golf School. In that period of time you have helped me improve from shooting rounds in the 130’s to breaking 80 (78) for the first time. I cannot express to you all how grateful I am for all your help and the true dedication that you have to teaching. People at my club are always commenting on how good my swing looks and how it was that I have improved so quickly; and I tell them “it’s all because of Bird Golf, their great golf school which exceeded expectations in every way and make them, without a doubt, the best golf school in the world”. See you again soon (now I want to get into the 60’s!).

Dr. Michael Wachs
Denver, CO

Golf School: Arizona


“During our 5 days together you  taught me the key elements of the golf swing and given me the confidence to begin enjoying being on the course.  For this I was always be grateful to you and in your debt.

I went out on Friday morning after you left and got a fast 9 holes in at the Senator course since they had a tournament beginning at noon and no one else was playing. I felt great and even though I didn’t hit consistently, I really knew how to get back in there and adjust when I missed one.  That was terrific feeling

The following day I played another course in Miami with my friend who I knew would be one of the 10 percent hoping I didn’t improve and he could still win the match

Well thanks to our work together I was 4 up after 9 holes and though he won holes 10 and 11 before we quit to see the Ranger hockey game, there was no question that my game had improved big time”.

Jim Nuzzi
San Diego, CA

Golf School: Florida


As you know I attended a Golf School with one of your competitors – what a difference. The biggest difference was the instructor. Jim (Samsing) is in a class of his own. After leaving the other school I went home trying to remember all the angles and the lines of my terrible posture etc. (very confused) but with Jim I feel that I have a real chance of improving my game. Jim showed me (simply) how to identify why my shots went the direction that they do. Having the opportunity to have your continuing help only a phone call away is another great part of the school. I guarantee you that I will be visiting you again next year and will recommend you to all my buddies. Thanks again.”

Warren Dyer

Update: June 2004
I would have to say that our latest school was the turning point in my game. I shot some great golf in Houston last week and have gained about 15 yards a club. I have also stuck to the yoga stretches that Kelly showed me and they really help. Thanks again for your time and for putting on a third great golf school.

Golf School: Arizona


Hi Jay,

Just a quick e-mail to let you know what a great weekend we had at Green Mountain National with Greg learning golf. Both Tracy and I found Greg McFee to be a fantastic teacher! He imparted his knowledge to us with patience, compassion and enthusiasm. He helped us with our technique and never gave up on us despite our slow response at times. (LOL!) He gave us extra time all three days with the anticipation of bad weather so we certainly got more than we expected and are that much improved because of his extra effort. And the golf course was just as beautiful as you described! The accommodations were also very cozy and inviting. Most importantly, we had fun and enjoyed quite a few laughs.

Thank you again for a great learning experience!

Denise Cannon Hains
New Paltz, NY

Golf school: Vermont


“Hi Jay,  I finished my golf sessions with Amy yesterday and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my time with Amy and how much I learned. Her style of teaching was tailored to how I learn, was very flexible and easy to understand which translated into skill improvement on my part.  I have drills that I can take with me that will help reinforce what she taught. I really feel better about my game!

This will not be the last time I work with Amy or Bird Golf. Your attention to detail and flexibility along the way was greatly appreciated. I highly recommend you and Bird Golf to anyone trying to seriously improve their game.

My best to you and all the teachers as we navigate through all of this.  Stay safe and thanks for a great experience.”

Karen Hayden
Cumberland, ME

Golf School: South Carolina


Editor’s Note: We have just had the privilege of working with Karen at our Hilton Head site and it was one of our first schools since our Covid-hibernation. We have implemented some safety procedures to further ensure the safety of our students and instructors which have been embraced by all and in no way diminish your learning. To see and hear Amy working with Karen and the fantastic progress Karen is making, please see this video.  Thank you, Karen, for being an amazing student! 


After the wonderful three days we just had in Hammock Beach, it’s difficult to know where to start. Yes we lucked out with the weather and the resort and golf courses were first class but what made it so special for us was Tim! He was beyond great. 

Nancy and I have different personalities and approaches to learning so I had some trepidation before arriving how things would work out but Tim handled it perfectly. Not only was he a total professional but patient and his way of teaching just moved us forward – we never found ourselves feeling we couldn’t improve – it was all so positive.

Nancy is heading to the range tonight to practice; I’m giving my back a rest for a day but ready for my next round at the weekend. We played Conservatory yesterday and I hit 14 of 18 greens in regulation which is totally unlike me and Nancy shot a 92!  We have improved! 

We will keep in touch with Tim and will absolutely recommend Bird Golf Academy to anyone to improve their game.”

Richard and Nancy Peacock
Palm Beach, FL

Golf School: Florida


Brian and I wanted to send a short note to you and Jim about the three day Bird Golf Schools session we attended last week. After you and I first talked on the telephone about what to expect, I must admit I came to the school with high expectations. If anything, those expectations were exceeded.

First, you may recall I am a 9 and my son is a 16. I have played for years whereas he has taken up the game in earnest in the past few years. Despite those differences, Jim Samsing was able to customize a program that fit our different swings and personalities, and do it in a way that was fun. I have a better fundamental understanding of my golf swing now than ever before. I am sure that is true for Brian as well. In fact, he just called this afternoon from the Bay Area thanking me again for the golf school and reporting that he just shot a career best of 37 on the front nine.

Second, the “clear key” mental approach to the game that you teach is a real differentiator from the other golf schools. How many times do people say, “golf is such a mental game”, and yet how many people have taken a mental lesson? The player and personality profiles that we filled out beforehand, I am sure, helped Jim tailor our lessons.

Finally, the facilities were outstanding. To be able to go from the driving range, to the chipping/putting area, to the Executive course, plus be able to play a championship 18 hole course all in one location is a real plus. Conversations at the 19th afterwards were also high on our list.

I have already recommended Bird Schools to several of my friends and I know Brian has done the same thing. Feel free to use this unsolicited testimonial in any way you would like. Based on our experience, most golfers would benefit enormously from your school, especially if Jim Samsing is the instructor.

Best regards,
Gary Coburn

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Golf School: Arizona


Hi Craig,

Hope all is well. Thought I would touch base and provide an update on the state of my golf game after the instruction I received from you earlier this year.

For various reasons, I did not manage to get practice or play for about three months after attending the golf school. Consequently, the start of my golf season was at the end of June on a guy’s golf trip. All I had right before going on the trip was 80 minutes on the range to find a swing (any swing!) and the notes I took during our time together – no putting or short game practice which had been the focus of our sessions. Suffice it to say, I was disappointed I had allowed 3 months to elapse and to dull any mental and muscle memory I had acquired. My expectations were low and I warned some of my buddies not to expect seeing any improvements as I hadn’t practiced. Well, to my surprise and that of my buddies (based on their chants of “sandbagger” which I accepted with pride), my notes and recollection of our various conceptual discussions were enough to produce a very obvious improvement and newfound consistency in my putting and short game. It also saved/made me a chunk of money from a “three-putt” game where I have been consistently picked on over the years.

Right after that trip, I joined a golf club in order to begin practicing/playing in earnest. Well, in less than two months, I have taken a 15.8 handicap factor and brought it down to 6.1 as of today. In that short span of time the improvement in my game/scores caught the attention of my friends, club members and club staff. Naturally, everyone who has seen the strides I have made are curious how I improved so quickly and consequently, your name, Bird Golf Academy and the teaching philosophy have come up quite a lot over the past couple of months!

Anyways, I just wanted to thank you again because while I always believed I would see improvement from your instruction, the speed and extent of that improvement has been unexpected. Having confidence that I have a better understanding and practice tools to improve my game has really elevated my enjoyment of golf.

All the best.

Wayne Fu
Calgary, Canada

Golf School: Arizona

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