I attended the Bird Golf Academy in Sedona, AZ in October 2017 to tune up my game. I am a 12 handicap and wanted help getting back to my days as a single digit player. Craig Waryan was my professional instructor and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the one-on-one, four day academy. I have had many lessons in the past, but Craig is, without doubt, the finest instructor I have worked with in the past. His demeanor, professionalism, experience and
just being a cool guy added so much to my learning curve. The small but important lessons around and on the green were instrumental in helping me refine my playing skills and approach to the sport. The playing lessons each afternoon were so much fun – reloading on the tee box and trying different shots from the fairway and bunkers added so much to my confidence. Craig is a terrific pro – Jay and his team were always available to me and answered all of my inquiries promptly and positively.

If you want to sharpen your game, or just better understand the fundamentals of golf, I strongly recommend Craig Waryan & Bird Golf Academy – I was so impressed, I convinced my wife (a brand new golfer) to set up her first lessons with Craig – she will learn the right way the first time and have fun doing it. I shot a 77 the first day back to my course – thanks, Craig!!

Charles Jones
Seattle, WA

Golf School: Sedona


“Just wanted to follow up with you after our golf school at Whispering Pines this previous week.  Just a reminder that I worked for 28 years with NASA–and during that time I participated in numerous training activities  for our engineers and scientists. So I am quite familiar as to how difficult training is for complex tasks.  And learning a golf swing at any age is certainly that.  So as the astronauts would say–Mary has the “right stuff”.

With that said (and I know you already know this)–Bird Golf should consider itself extremely fortunate in having Mary Mills as a professional staff member on their team.  In particular she has this marvelous ability to tailor the appropriate instruction with just the right amount of detail for each student.  After years of viewing You Tubes–I really didn’t expect to see any drills that I had not seen in some form before.  Boy was I wrong.  Her extensive knowledge of all facets of the game combined with her patience, courteous but direct and honest manner are just a few of her major strengths.  It is easy to see how she has had and continues to have such great success throughout her career.

As Mary said before we left–our expectations especially for Elizabeth would be that there would be a few bad shots before the good shots would start to appear.  Well Elizabeth had a practice session on Friday after we had gotten home on Thursday.  It was without a doubt the most positive ball striking sessions she has ever had. And she has requested we go out again this afternoon (that is a first!).  Again we know bad shots will continue to occur–but that practice session just re-affirmed our investment in Bird Golf.  And just to complete the loop–I played yesterday and had two really good up and down chips from tight lies using a gap wedge–a club I have never used for that purpose.

Also the accommodations were fantastic!

So again many thanks to Mary and to you Jay for pairing us with her.”

Best Regards,
Elizabeth and Doug Cannon
Very Satisfied Clients of Bird Golf

Golf School: Pinehurst


I can’t tell you how pleased Sonya and I are with the lessons that Sonya received over the past three days. Mary patiently and accurately diagnosed both Sonya’s golf swing and her golf state of mind, and focused on exactly the areas where Sonya needs work, in a way that was clear, logical and understandable to Sonya. We were meticulous about taking extensive notes (Mary saw to that) that will memorialize the lessons for us.

Sonya has had a few sporadic lessons over the years, but none have remotely approached the level of detail contained in Mary’s lessons, and none involved such a careful diagnosis of Sonya’s game and temperament.

Sonya will be on the practice tee on Friday, ready to build on the superb instruction that she received from Mary over the past three days. She may be a candidate for Most Improved Golfer of 2016!

Thank you all so much. We hope to see Mary and perhaps you in the future.

Dick J.
Ipswich, MA


I would like to express my complete satisfaction with the training provided by Tim P. of Bird Golf Academy. It turned out to be a great experience and well worth it. Tim easily identified my major flaws and quickly had me working on fixing them. He did not have me start from scratch (the last person I took lessons from wanted to do just that — start over after forgetting what I did for 10 years!). Instead, Tim retained the ‘good’ parts of my swing and had me working within my physical abilities. I was pleased to see the results. I got a great deal out of the time we had am now confident that I will be able to play a good game.

Tim was easy to work with and I have a great deal of respect for his teaching abilities. It is now up to me to do the work and then see the benefits in the course. I will keep Tim updated. I hope to give him good news in a few weeks!

Thanks to the Bird Golf Academy!

Philip Thambidurai. PhD
Mt. Laurel, NJ

Golf School: New Jersey


I want to take this moment to thank Shirley and Bird Golf for providing me golf school experience that exceeded my expectations. With Shirley as my instructor, I learned sound fundamentals of the golf swing starting from the grip, athletic stance and posture, and the actual swinging plane. In addition, with the help of clear key, I was able to reduce tension in my body before hitting the golf ball. I must say, with Shirley’s extensive knowledge of the golf swing and her fine attention to details, I finally learned and developed a golf swing that can be repeated. Furthermore, with her experience as a Tour pro, I’ve learned many ways of attacking the hole from within 50 yards. Thanks Shirley and next time, I’ll bring my wife with me. The experience really couldn’t have been any better!!! THANKS for the great teaching and a great vacation.

Chin-Yu Lin
Tokyo, Japan

Golf School: Nevada


Craig, Can’t tell you how pleased I am to have had you as my golf instructor. I learned a tremendous amount about how to play the game and what I need to do to improve my swing and my scoring. I came to the Bird Academy with high expectations and you did not disappoint. And aside from all the golf I learned, it was a genuine pleasure spending four days on the course with you. You’re a true gentleman.

Ray Sweet
Rowland Heights, California

Golf School: California


“Never have I made a better investment in golf than I did this past January with Tim Peightal. I am playing the best golf I have ever played and enjoying it more. I didn’t think that I would be able to do as well as I have at the age of 67, but I was wrong. The adjustments that Tim made in all aspects of my game has me hitting the ball with more accuracy than ever before, and my short iron distance is about 10 to 15 yards longer than it had been. My bad shots are fewer and usually have better results than in the past, and my good shots have very pleasing results. I have improved substantially in chipping and putting thanks to Tim’s advice. My handicap index is currently down to a 13, and of course, the law of diminishing returns factors in as we try to get lower scores. I can remember when I was really pleased if I broke 90. Now I am not satisfied unless I am in the low 80’s. I still hold out hope that breaking 80 will become the norm!

If I decide to seek further help with my game, I would want it to be with Tim. His clear guidance and his understanding of the individual golfer’s strengths and limitations, makes him the ideal instructor.

William (Bud) Colden
Troy, NY

Golf School: Florida


Ann Jo and I wanted to thank you for arranging the Jekyll Island Bird Golf School for us last week. It was a phenomenal experience and one we hope to repeat again and again.

Our group certainly presented a challenge to Roger Kreuter and Steve Godley and they met that challenge with grace and professionalism. Rachel had only held a club once before she arrived on Monday morning; by the time she left she was proud of her 100+ yard drives straight down the fairway. Ann Jo had been working on her swing for a year with limited success until Steve suggested ‘Tuck in your elbow!’; from then on she was making consistent contact and created a skill base she can work on at home. Greg (whom we nicknamed Tiger), has played for 12 years but had consistency problems; Roger helped him to turn rather than slide his hips and the trajectory of his drives improved dramatically.

I needed the most work – Roger changed my grip and my stance and I can already see improvement while practicing on Saturday and Sunday. After having me practice swinging with my eyes closed and then with my bifocals in my pocket Roger shared that my glasses prevented me from seeing the ball all the way through my swing – something that I had previously never realized. I could clearly hit better without my glasses; today I am ordering distance glasses and will keep my bifocals in my pocket when I play this summer.

The Jekyll Island Club was beautiful and the suites that you arranged were luxurious. Only the eager anticipation of improving our games could motivate us to leave the Club grounds each morning. We are looking forward to a return visit to the Club and the courses.

Ann Jo, Rachel, Greg and I are already making plans to attend the Bird Golf Invitational in November. We will all be working hard on the range and playing on the course so we can improve our games for that event. Since our younger daughter lives a few hours outside of Phoenix we will be able to combine the Invitational with a trip to visit her and her family.

We loved the complete Bird Golf experience and we are looking forward to continuing our instruction and improving our game.

Have a great summer – we will see you in the fall!

Paul Jackson
Gloucester, MA

Golf School: Georgia


Dear Jay,

Just a brief note to express our positive experience we had with Mary Mills at our Boca-based golf school lat month. Mary was a delight, humorous, patient, very helpful and obviously experienced. Both Barbara and I immensely enjoyed the whole time, and it was a nice getaway for us as well. We will be raving about Mary and the Bird Golf Academy to our friends, some of whom we think may also contact Bird in the future.

Per Mary’s advice, we’ve been at the range more than on the course, and we are trying to groove our swings. As warned, it is not easy but we will be persistent. On the course, I finally broke 100 without a mulligan a week ago, and Barbara now has increased confidence with her new set of clubs, is “smashing” many shots with her new 5 and 6 rescue clubs and is putting much better. My short game is much improved, and I no longer tremble when I have to hit a wedge out of the sand or over a water obstacle.

Alan and Barbara Hartstein
Miami, Florida

Golf School: Florida


Dear Jay:

After researching golf schools and talking to the various individuals associated with those schools, Bird Golf was the clear winner for my husband and I to attend. The 5-day school in Phoenix (with you as my instructor, and Jim Samsing as Charlie’s instructor) exceeded all of our expectations. As you know, I came to you with little experience playing golf; having played a round of golf only a handful of times (and even then, picking up my ball on many of the holes and never being able to record a score). However, I left the school with the skill and confidence to play a full round of golf (with no pick-ups!). With your encouragement, I joined the lady 9-holers at my club, and played very well, not only during our weekly playdays, but also in the interclub tournaments. Your continued encouragement and teaching (both via e-mail and by telephone) elevated my golf game from nothing to winning several interclubs and team competitions, breaking 50 in the nine-holers, and then breaking 100 for a full round. And less than 5 months after attending Bird Golf, I shot a hole-in-one on a 163-yard par 3! Bird Golf is the absolute best golf school, and you are absolutely the best teacher!

Marilyn Eickenhorst
Sugar Land, Texas

Golf School: Arizona

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