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April 20, 2007
The Wonderful Rules Of Golf

Would like to get everyone’s most interesting or extraordinary rules decision they witnessed or heard about. The first rule in question is; 23/2 Loose Impediments. The Definition of ”Loose Impediments” states that a stone is a loose impediment, if it is not “Solidly Embedded”. When is a stone solidly embedded? “If a stone is partially […]

April 19, 2007
Sherry Maine

CONGRATULATIONS: to SHERRY MAINE. while at her school, with Shelley Hamlin, Sherry made a hole-in-one! playing at Whirlwind (Cattail) on April 19, Sherry aced the par 3, 3rd. hole, from 101 yards, using a wedge. “The ball went straight at the flag, landed and made two short bounces and then rolled into the cup”. WELL […]

April 18, 2007
Golf Apparel for Women

What ever happened to Jamie Saddock clothes – They were so stylish? Where can petite women shop for stylish golf clothes online? – Carol

April 16, 2007
The Shots Heard Around The World

Musings on a Monday morning. Instead of coming up with my own personal list of the Greatest Shots ever played, I thought it would be a fun and interesting task to come up with a list created by…you! What are the most extraordinary, incredible shots of all time (you know, the ones that make us […]

April 13, 2007
Top 10 Best Players Who Have NOT Won a Major

“He who signs the checks” has asked “He who is not smarter than you” to write a blog for “Those who are smarter than I”. First, however, “He who is not smarter than you” legal advisors Dewey, Shankem and Duff have told me to write the following disclaimer. Any one who reproduces, rebroadcasts, or uses […]

April 12, 2007
Sandy Cable: The Incredible Journey

Learning. The art of improvement is always a “process”. This is one person’s story and it is remarkable. We first met Sandy Cable five years ago. She had, for almost 20 years, labored, at trying to play golf. The lowest score that Sandy had ever shot was 128. Our school was going to be her […]

April 6, 2007
Top 10 Golf Swings of All Time

Welcome to the first Bird Golf – Golf School Blog post! The purpose of the blog is to continue the learning off the course and have a bit of fun as well. We encourage you, our golf school students to participate and share your opinions. We will be featuring two main articles/posts each week, written […]

November 1, 2006
Winter Wonderland

See the article in Southwest Airlines SPIRIT magazine.

October 1, 2006
Student Review of Bird Golf School at Wild Horse Pass

My few short days at Wild Horse Pass were truly an experience! The golf experience was all that I had hoped for as an introduction to a game that has intrigued me for some time but failed until now to take me in. Your selection of Lee Maiden as my coach and mentor was excellent.

April 1, 2006
Rhythm, Tempo and Timing

The tighter you hold the golf club, the less speed you create. The less swing speed you create; the less distance you hit the ball. The more you grip the club with your hands (small muscles/tendons), the less you swing with your body. Think of your body as the big muscles (shoulders/arms). If you want to hit the ball farther, would you use your big muscles or your small muscles? Your big muscles.

August 1, 2005
Affluent Living

For those who are interested in an unparalleled opportunity to sharpen their golf game, The Bird Golf Academy offers the chance to learn from unequaled instructors at some of the most beautiful courses in the country. Choose from three, four or five day school, unlimited use of the golf facilities and world-class accommodations.

December 1, 2004
Golf Views

We recently sat down with Jay Ewing, the founder and Director of Instruction of the Bird Golf Academy-the ultimate golf learning experience®. His unique concepts and business acumen have moved the Bird Golf Academy to the forefront of the golf school market.