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Zhaimon Sosoban

We are just so thankful to have Zhaimon experienced the 3-day golf lessons with you. It’s been two successive tournaments that he competed since he had that lesson and he won first place in both. He scored 36 in a par of 35 at Westlake Golf Course (played 9 holes) and 58 on a par of 54 at Hartwell Golf Course (played 18 holes). The Clear Keys were so effective and we noticed that the more he improves: the more he becomes interested in the game. And he’s having a lot of fun. We never expected him to perform that well. It was just miraculous.

We liked Jim Samsing very much. We liked his approach and honesty and Zhaimon is very grateful to have learned from him. He teaches with full authority of the game and he’s full of enthusiasm too. We are looking forward to working with him in the future. We’ll send you pictures as soon as we have them. Again, it was an honor to have Jim as Zhaimon’s coach and indeed it was the ultimate golf learning experience. We’ll keep you posted as he continue his journey to become a PGA player someday.

Zhaimon is 10 years old. And he shot a 1 over par 36 on a regulation course two days after his golf school with our West Coast Director of Instruction, Jim Samsing. In the 25 years that Jim has been teaching he thinks that Zhaimon is the most talented person that he has ever seen at that age. High praise indeed. What is perhaps even more impressive is that as gifted as this young man is on the golf course, he is even nicer and more polite, off it. Remarkable.

Zhaimon had his 1st hole-in-one today while competing at Tregnan’s Weekly Challenge in Los Feliz Municipal Course in Los Angeles on August 14, 2010. Zhaimon hit the “perfect shot” on the 4th Hole that measured 135 yards, using 5 iron. It’s so unbelievable two weeks after his lessons with Bird Golf Academy, his skills had improved so monumentally. It was such a WOW moment to witness that hole-in-one. He finished one stroke behind first place in the tournament. They played 9 holes and he scored 30, 3 over par of 27

The negative part after that hole-in-one, the next hole he had a double bogey, it could be that he was not able to handle his excitement (which is understandable because it was his first), though we know Jim mentioned to him about the 10 steps after an excitement. Thanks again, we are really grateful to have found your team. Such a blessing for this kid.

Jun & Brenda Sosoban