Youth is served

July 1, 2007 -

There were 25 teenagers at the US Women’s Open at Pine Needles. 25. Including, 12 year old Alexis Thompson, who played well but did not make the cut. 12 years old; WOW. To have qualified at that age is a remarkable achievement. Let’s hope that Alexis gets to enjoy her life as a teenager (and not sign a multi million dollar endoresment deal when she is 16).

Michelle Wie notwithstanding (that whole situation is now a fully fledged disaster), this current trend in golf brings back harrowing memories of young tennis prodigies in the 80’s who were burned out by the time they hit 20 (Andrea Yeager, Jennifer Capriati etc.). We would like your thoughts on what is too young? Youth is served, or is it?

4 thoughts on “Youth is served

  1. smg says:

    What is to young? A 12 year old in the Women’s Open is going a little to far. (Although God Bless her for her talent.) Having had dealings with one of the largest kids organizations in the US and seeing the way the parents act, this has gotten way out of control. Sure, encourage kids to play golf and help them, but let them be KIDS! Children are one of the greatest gifts God gave us and to make them grow to fast for sponsorships and endorsments is a sin. Hold their hand and guide,teach, and enjoy life. If talent is there the rest will come.

  2. admin says:

    Great blog; SMG-keep them coming! We couldn’t agree more; kids should be allowed to be ….kids. All the pressures of this world will come to them in time; but allow them to be children and enjoy themselves, while they can.

  3. shivasirons says:

    There should be age regulations. Even a well developed 16 year old boy who may weigh 330 pounds and on paper looks big enough to be able to handle himself in the NFL, would be run over by fully grown men, 60 pounds lighter than him. Just as it takes the human body time to develop into it’s maturity; so too does it take the mind time to reach maturity (and golf, is perhaps the most “mental” game of all).

  4. admin says:

    And now we have another teenager becoming a professional. 16 year old, Tad Fujikawa, announced yesterday that he is now a professional. You may remember Tad from the Sony Open, in Hawaii in the first part of the year, where he became the youngest player ever to make the cut on the PGA Tour. He seems like a really nice and likeable young man, but he also seems incredibly niaive, and defintely not ready to play the PGA Tour (he is a Junior in High School). In fact, he will not be eligible to play the Tour School (you have to be 18 to be able to); so where will he play for the next two years?

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