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You Never Stop Learning

We have just had the privilege of working with an extraordinary person. Someone who came to our golf school to improve their game, and by doing so, taught and inspired, us.

“Twink” Carothers is 85 years young. Mrs. Carothers is a keen golfer who has played for over 20 years, and regularly plays once a week. Her goals were to be able to increase her distance and to learn to pitch, more accurately.

From L-R Sharon Miller, Ellen Kerr and Mrs. Carothers at our magnificent golf school site at the Sedona Golf Resort in Sedona

Mrs. Carothers was joined in the golf school by her daughter, Ellen Kerr. Over the years, we have had hundreds of Mother/Daughter and Father/Sons schools, but perhaps none was more special, than this.

Ellen Kerr and her Mother, the amazing, “Twink” Carothers

Ellen and Mrs. Carothers spent three days at the Sedona Golf Resort, with Bird Golf’s National Head professional, the incomparable, Sharon Miller.

Mrs. Carothers was a superb student who learned with the appetite of student studying for a Doctorate. She accomplished her goals easily and we look forward to hearing about her success on the links this year. Of greater meaning though, was the lesson that she taught us. We applaud you, Mrs. Carothers, and rejoice in the opportunity to be a part of your golf game. Thank you.