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Woe is Wie

Any remaining sympathy that we may have had for Michelle Wie just flew straight out the window.

We have hesitated to write about the once phenomenal, Wie, during the last year to avoid ‘piling on’. After all, she was 18 (she is now 19), and although she or her family were guilty of some terrible decisions, the thought was to just report about things that mattered.

Sometimes you have to wonder; “what are you thinking?”!!!

Michelle Wie will be playing her ninth PGA Tour event at this week’s Reno-Tahoe event.

This is absolutely absurd. Wie has never made the cut in any of her previous forays on the Men’s Tour and she won’t be making this one either.

Wie withdrew from qualifying for the Women’s British Open (she no longer gets all the exemptions she used to, to play the LPGA Tour) to play at Tahoe.

Wie will be taking the spot in the field that would have otherwise gone to a regular member of the Tour. The rationale that people have is that she is a draw and will bring in a lot more gate paying fans to watch. Kind of like how people queue up to watch a car wreck.

Michelle Wie has no business playing the PGA Tour. As a matter of fact she has no business playing the LPGA Tour since she has not gone to qualifying school to earn her card.

Someone needs to help this young person out. Someone (and obviously her greedy, over-bearing parents will not be any help) needs to show her some tough love. Someone needs to stop this train before it becomes a monumental wreck.