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With Great Love

Mother Teresa once said, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love”.

Steve Godley passed away on Monday, December 31. He is survived by the family that he loved so completely; his beloved wife Sheila, mother, Patricia Potts and sons Jonathan, Ryan and Trey; stepchildren, Jared, Ana, and Amanda, and 9 grandchildren. Steve was 64 years old.

For the last few years Steve had battled a series of illnesses, procedures and operations that would have conquered most men. But Steve was not most men. He had an unwavering faith in God, a resolute belief in man and his indominatable spirit was determined to hold precious, every breath.

Steve was a throwback to another time. One that valued family, Church and a goodwill to all above anything. He was an acerbic wit who would gladly argue an opinion but who would do so, with a twinkle in his eye. Steve was a true gentleman and a great student of the game that he also loved so much. He was modest and self-depreciating while having the confidence to be able to fix even the most disheartened golfer.

He was just as skilled working with an absolute beginner as he was with a professional and touched thousands of lives in the career that he so passionately pursued. When Steve first stared teaching with us, he was a little in awe of some of his fellow teachers, but he never should have been, because he was always their equal.

In 2006, Steve was teaching a really good player who had completely lost his swing and game (a very tough task as a teacher). In Steve’s inimitable way, on the second day of the school he asked our East Coast Head professional, Tim Peightal his advice about what to do to help his student. By this time, the man had recaptured his swing and was hitting one perfect shot after another. Tim came over to watch him for a few minutes and smiled as he told Steve: “there is nothing I or anyone else could do any better”.       

The outpouring of notes and letters that people wrote when he passed have many common threads. The words, Family, Faith, Laughter, Love, Loyalty and Friendship were relayed by so many voices, in so many ways, that they become a chorus. A brilliant hymn.

Steve did small things with great love but he also did great things for which he will always be loved.