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Winterize your golf game

As winter approaches and you find your golf season coming to a close; here are a few tips, on how to winterize your golf game.

EXERCISE. Without question the best way to increase flexibility (which will make your swing faster and thereby let you hit the ball, further) is to do stretching exercises. The best form of stretching is Yoga. You can refer to our website where we have Yoga stretches specifically designed for Golf. There are three levels for each exercise (if you have not done Yoga before do the beginning poses, etc.). For your review click here: Bird Golf Yoga

MIRROR. If you have been working on a particular motion with your swing, practice what you are doing, facing a full length mirror. The visual reinforcement and feedback you get, will help cement (in your mind) that this is “how I want to”.

SHORT GAME. If you have enough indoor room, practice your chipping (break something inside your house at your own peril!).

EQUIPMENT. If you play regularly (one a week), have your grips changed. One of the most common equipment ‘flaws’ that we see with people are their grips. Once a grip becomes smooth or worn, you grip the club more tightly (a bad thing) or conversely it may move around in your hands (another bad thing) when swinging.

And of course, the best possible way to improve your game is to come to one of Bird Golf’s fantastic winter getaways in Arizona and Florida and have a golf school with us.