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Why Tiger is the GOAT

G. Greatest
O. Of
A. All
T. Time

  1. He works harder than anyone else on his swing. It would be very easy to be the best at the world, at something, and become complacent. Tiger believes that he can always do better.
  2. Raymond Floyd was once asked about playing in the final round of a tournament with Jack Nicklaus, and said; “the thing is that you stand on the first tee and shake his hand and you know he knows that he is better than you, and you know that he is better than you; and worst of all, he knows that you know, that he is better than you!”. Same goes for Tiger.
  3. Mechanically, he has the best swing, of all time.
  4. Tiger can hit shots that NOBODY else can hit. He can hit shots that even great professionals wouldn’t dream of hitting.
  5. He is stronger, mentally, than anyone playing today.
  6. He has the best short game (Scott Verplank, who is himself a wonderful putter, said at the PGA Championship, that Tiger was the best putter he had ever seen).
  7. Tiger relishes “the big stage”. He has no threshold for golf pressure. Even the greatest players, in history have had “human moments”, when they capitulated. Not Tiger.
  8. He has led after the third round in thirteen Majors, and never once lost.
  9. Tiger handles adversity the way Mothers handle a screaming infant. He holds it, addresses the problem and puts it to bed.
  10. Tiger is 31 years old and has won 13 Major Championships (Nicklaus, whose records he is chasing, won his thirteenth Major at 35).