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Why the US will win the Ryder Cup

The European team

is the overwhelming favorite to win the Ryder Cup, and recent history could not bear much of an argument for that. However, (as opposed to an earlier post by admin), I think that the US will prevail at Valhalla; and would put forth the following Top 10 reasons, why:

  1. Its’ about time. After losing 5 of the last 6 Cups, the US team is overdue for a win.
  2. Anthony Kim. As has been accurately predicted in the blog, this young man has become a star. Twice a winner on the PGA Tour this year, this phenom has all the tools to be a great player and I think that he will be a leader on this team by virtue of his game.
  3. Length. Valhalla is a big hitters’ playground. Two of the par fives are reachable in two shots by only the longer hitters and the penalties for poor shots happen more around the green complexes that from the tees. The US Team is filled with players who can “rip it”.
  4. Home cooking. Valhalla is in Kentucky and there are two Kentuckians on the US team. Kenny Perry, who has won three Tour events this year and J.B. Holmes, one of those aforementioned players, who can hit the ball a very long way. The smart money says that these two players who are a mix of savvy veteran (Perry) and swashbuckling young gun (Holmes), will be paired together in the first round of matches on Friday morning. If that happens, and if they play well together the Blue Grass state will be rock-a-billying.
  5. The Captains. The US Captain, Paul Azinger will be worth 1 point during the matches. He is an inspired choice and his brand of competitive fire combined with his sense of humor, may prove to be the difference. The European Captain, Nick Faldo is not universally loved by his players, some of whom have already questioned….
  6. ….His decision to not to pick, Darren Clarke. One of the stalwarts of the last 6 Ryder Cups, this affable Irishman was not picked by Faldo to be on the team despite having won twice in Europe this year. With a career record of 8-1-1 in the team matches of the last 6 Ryder Cups and his great current form, his omission from the team, has left everyone shaking their head.
  7. No Tiger. How can the greatest player in the world’s absence be a good thing for the US Team? Wood’s absence could be rallying call for the American’s, who will relish the role of underdog.
  8. Boo Weekley. You just have to love the man called Boo.
  9. Lou Holtz. One of the most inspirational speakers of our time, Azinger has asked the legendary coach to speak to his team. After his speech to them, the players may come out of their locker rooms like Vikings going into battle.
  10. Valhalla Golf Club is owned by the PGA of America, who also own the rights to the Ryder Cup.