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Waryan Tops Golf Digest List

Congratulations to Bird Golf’s, Craig Waryan, for being named as the #1 Teacher in Minnesota, by Golf Digest magazine.

Craig has been a regular member of the Top Ten in Golf Digest’s annual ranking of teachers by state, but this is his first time as #1.

Of course, all of the students who have had the good fortune to be taught by this incredible man would have told you that he was already their top choice and that Craig is a teacher without peer.

Here are some excerpts from a few of Craig’s students:

“Craig is an excellent coach and his style of coaching is very productive and attractive. I know understand why golf is truly a wonderful game and why it is never too late to learn”.

Zdzislaw Chabowski, Poland

NOTE: Zdzislaw was a brand new golfer, when he came to his school with Craig at our flagship site at Wild Horse Pass Resort and Spa. He was breaking 100 within 3 months of seeing Craig, and later in the year had broken 90.

“Craig Waryan is truly a “Master” teacher.  I came to the school with one thought which was to see if there was any more game in my 60 year old body.  I am a 7 handicap and have a few moments every year when a sub par round appears in my game.  My issue is that I have never done this on a course over 6800 yards.  I wanted to know if “given my personal limitations such as age, flexibility and strength” there was another 10 to 30 yards hiding in my body somewhere.  Craig very skillfully gave me the tools in such a manner that I was able to incorporate them immediately into my game.  His ability to both explain and demonstrate in a manner that got me to respond has made a very dramatic improvement in my game.  Armed with this new horizon I am now excited to practice for the first time in years.  Craig showed me that I not only could but that I should get more length.  By the end of the school I had added and easy 20 yards off the tee and had the occasional 60 yards.  More importantly I have renewed confidence in my ability to take my game to a new level.  His understanding of the short game was masterful.  He taught me a variety of very useful shots and concepts that I am sure will lower my scores and add to my enjoyment of the game.  The course management help that he provided during the playing portion of the day was wonderful, particularly when he “talked the talk and then walked the walk”.

Michael Sorensen, President
Reoxcyn Medical Research
Salt Lake City, Utah

“I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had Craig Waryan as my instructor for the better part of the next 3 days.  Craig is my age, and a very interesting and amicable person, in addition to being a Master PGA instructor, with a history of tournament play and current college team coaching.  (I think he took me on as a charity case!)  From the outset, it was obvious that Craig had done this before.  He had a great system of building on putting, chipping and pitching into the full swing, all viewed through the perspective of a holistic approach to the game.  So instead of dissecting my swing, Craig focused on balance, rhythm, timing and for me (a severe left brain type) getting out of my head and into the “swing” of things.

Without further ado, let me just say that I never had more fun on a golf course.  The concentrated 3 days of instruction did more for me than 10 years of intermittent lessons could ever accomplish.

It will be another month before our snow melts in New Hampshire, but I can’t wait to get out on the course.  I hit the best shots of my life during my 3 days at Bird Academy, and they have a special program that allows me to stay in touch with my instructor, and to even send videos for analysis if I lose memory of any techniques.  I call that special.  Special people, special place, special memories.  Go Golf!”

Jack Cronenwett MD
Hanover, New Hampshire

Craig Waryan is a very special person, a gifted teacher and is beloved by so many. Craig has won so many awards in his life that he probably forgotten most of them, but being the type of person he is, Craig would tell you that it’s not about awards but it is the joy that he receives from helping people. Our golf school students are testimony to that.

Congratulations, Craig!