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Tips and Tricks from a Golf Pro

We have a lot to learn from the top golfers in the country. Pro golf stars and expert instructors all have plenty of wisdom to offer the sport and it’s avid fans and participants, but is it possible to get access to the top tips and tricks you could stand to learn from?

Top 5 Tips & Tricks From Golf Pros

These five tips are the best underused tricks that come directly from various experts and professional sources. You may already be using a few of these to your advantage, which is great! Be sure to remember these tricks the next time you hit the green.

1. It All Starts With Your Mindset

Thinking like a pro is how it all begins. You cannot play to your full ability without first allowing yourself to enter a positive, motivated mindset. Carey Mumford, well known golf pro and author, is the founder of this method of mindset control and thinking. By creating a mental pattern within yourself, you can see a drastic improvement with your swing, overall game, stance, and understanding. Once you can think like the pros, you’re well on your way!

2. Control Your Putter Distance

Don’t just shrug off the distances you’re trying to make. Line up your shots, eyeball the distance, and run some maths in your mind. Make sure you are putting yourself in the best spot for success, and try to control every aspect of your swing from the first thought paid towards it to the last.

3. Go To A Golf Academy

The Las Vegas Golf School, one of many amazing locations offered by the Bird Golf Academy & Affiliates, is the main breeding ground for experts and star golfers. With beautiful accommodations, incredible golf greens and courses, insanely talented and skilled professional instructors, and unbeatable methods and coaching, this golf school is the ideal destination for all things related to the sport. It can function as a vacation and a training course, bundled as one, and hosted in the best, luxurious place in America. The heart of Las Vegas has so much to offer golfers, and it’s not an experience you want to miss out on.

4. Find Your Stance & Stick With It

Many golfers seem to operate on the belief that moving is better. Each club will have a preferred stance or position, each new hole has a new way of looking at it; but this isn’t always helpful. When you’re comfortable, don’t try and fix what ain’t broke! Stick your ground until you have to adjust.

5. Use Your Environment To Your Advantage

Wind, sand, slopes, sun, and even other environmental elements can be used as a way to get a leg up during your game. Only a novice will fear the wind, as the best golfers can adjust their stance and swing and mindset to use it as a way to get more air and distance. Once you take inventory of your surroundings, you can start to use everything at your disposal as a way to improve and take the game!