Tim Peightal

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Tim Peightal

Tim began his 35-year career as a PGA professional at the Disney World golf resort in Orlando where he had the opportunity to observe and study with some of the legends in golf instruction; Davis Love Jr., Jim Flick, Bill Strausbaugh, and Bob Toski. Tim would later work with 1928 US Open Champion, Johnny Farrell and 1935 PGA Champion, Johnny Revolta. Tim served as the Head professional at Indiana Country Club for 7 years before returning to Florida where he was the Director of Instruction for The United States Senior Golf Academy for six years. Tim’s goal is to find as many ways as possible to make learning fun and feels that since every golfer is different, then each of his students should be taught, differently. His enormous skill as a teacher comes from his understanding of several different methods, and being able to identify, the perfect method and style with each of his students. We are proud to have Tim as our East Coast, Head Professional.

Teaching Philosophy

By definition golf is a game/sport, and it has to be fun before you will ever improve. My goal is to evaluate each of my students individually and find out exactly what they want out of the game. From there we will identify the areas that will help them achieve their goals. From that point, it's my responsibility to present the information in a fashion that will allow them to get it, in the easiest way possible. It's also imperative for me to find out if my student responds best to information visually, auditory, or kinetically. My ambition is to create a path that will lead them to their goals and have them enjoy doing it. I try and help the student to get most out of their ability without changing their golf swing completely. The change is not much physical as it is their perception of what they are trying to accomplish. A golf swing is like a finger print - there are no two exactly alike. I feel that it is my responsibility to make each of my students understand their swing; so that not only will they improve when I am with them, but they will have the understanding to continue to improve when they go home.
48 years

Teaching Experience


Worked with 1928 U.S. Open Champion Johnny Farrell

Worked with 1935 PGA Champion Johnny Revolta


I would like to express my complete satisfaction with the training provided by Tim P. of Bird Golf Academy. It turned out to be a great experience and well worth it. Tim easily identified my major flaws and quickly had me working on fixing them. He did not have me start from scratch (the last person I took lessons from wanted to do just that — start over after forgetting what I did for 10 years!). Instead, Tim retained the ‘good’ parts of my swing and had me working within my physical abilities. I was pleased to see the results. I got a great deal out of the time we had and am now confident that I will be able to play a good game. Tim was easy to work with and I have a great deal of respect for his teaching abilities. Thanks to the Bird Golf Academy!

- Philip -

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