Sharron Moran

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Sharron Moran

Sharron was an outstanding amateur golfer who was the Illinois state Champion and also the number 1 player on the University of Arizona’s golf team for four years. After college, Sharron joined the LPGA Tour where she distinguished herself immediately by being the 1967 Rookie of the Year. After competing successfully for ten years on the Tour, Sharron dedicated herself to teaching. Sharron was a broadcaster for ABC television, for whom she covered several major Championships in addition to being an author and the Women’s golf editor for Golf Digest magazine for three years (Sharron also has her own line of sportswear!). Sharron studied with the legendary Bob Toski for 14 years and has hosted clinics all over the world. She has been the Director of Instruction at La Costa, Thunderbird, Lakeside and Crested Butte Country Clubs and been the featured professional for the Tommy Armour Golf Company for ten years. Sharron is familiar with several teaching styles and believes in matching her students to the style best suited for them. Her relaxed and friendly manner ensures that your golf school with Sharron is not only an invaluable learning experience, but you will have fun doing it!

Teaching Philosophy

Each person is an individual, different and unique. A teacher must be able to adapt to each person’s needs, physical abilities, and mental outlooks. Being able to identify the major or root cause of the student’s problem quickly and correctly is a necessity. Next, one must be able to clearly communicate to the student what the problem is and what must be done to correct the error. Communication is the key to teaching. People learn in several different modes. A teacher has to discern how a student best learns. Whether the student is a visual, auditory, feeling, or an analytical learner, the instructor needs to be competent in presenting the correction in a form the student best comprehends. This entails video analysis, drills, demonstrations, hands on instructing, and clear explanations. The last important area of teaching and a very essential one is that of positive reinforcement and encouragement. It is difficult to change, and we know learning curves have their ups and downs. There maybe some downs in the process, but we need to focus and emphasize the ups and successes no matter how small. The student needs to feel positive about their progress. Learning can be a fun and fulfilling experience, and that depends a great deal on us, the teachers. Teaching is a learning experience in itself. We never stop learning, improving and growing and that is a reward in itself. To help others to enjoy their life more fully is a gift we can give.
32 years

Teaching Experience


1967 LPGA Rookie of the Year

LPGA Professional

Editor for Golf Digest Magazine

ABC Television Commentator Author and Women’s Golf


I wanted to take a moment to compliment the Academy and Sharron Moran for the learning experience I had in Colorado. Sharron was a very good teacher, and I believe my golf game has improved permanently. I know I have a long way to go, but for the first time I feel like I understand parts of the game rather than just being a ball striker. Sharron helped me to understand some of the game itself (at least as much as can be done in three days) with such things as when to go for the pin and when to just get it on the green; when to take your bogey and go on. I enjoyed Sharron’s company as well as her instruction.

- Kerry -

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