Mike Ellis

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Mike Ellis

In a career entering its third decade, Mike has distinguished himself as a teacher. Mike is a Quarter Century Member of the PGA of America and Bird Golf’s Southern California Director of Instruction. Mike began his career as the Head Professional at up-scale Tatum Ranch Golf Club before assuming the same position at the very prestigious Lake Nona Golf and Country Club in Florida and later at the Monarch Country Club. Teaching has always been at the forefront for Mike and is the showcase for his enormous skills as a communicator, mentor, and coach. In the 20 years before joining Bird Golf, Mike headed up the highly acclaimed Marriott Golf Academy in Palm Desert. Mike’s teaching philosophy is based on fundamentals and ball flight; he is conversant with several methods and styles of teaching. He gives this information to his students in a simple and easy way to understand. His passion for helping his students achieve their best is evident in every school he teaches.

Teaching Philosophy

“My teaching philosophy has always revolved around student improvement. My core belief throughout my career has been to keep things simple and to always remain very positive with my students. I am not a method teacher as I believe everyone learns differently and therefore should all be taught uniquely and as individuals. The base for my instruction is on solid pre-swing fundamentals: posture, grip, alignment and ball position. There are many parts to the golf swing itself, but I get most of my information to ultimately finding a solution by observing ball flight, club face and club path. Video analysis is also a very important part of golf instruction and a great communication tool. I have had the privilege of helping people from a diverse range of backgrounds, personalities, and abilities. From beginner to Tour player and everyone in between, I am passionate about helping people with their games. I truly believe that my longevity and success of my career are due tome possessing what I call the 3 P's: PATIENCE with varying levels of student abilities. POSITIVITY in how I approach my instruction/students. PASSION for this great but difficult game. I look very much forward to meeting you and helping you with your game!
42 years

Teaching Experience


Quarter Century Member PGA of America


Mike Ellis is a great instructor. He was able to fix my swing and provide me with the tools I needed to improve all aspects of my golf game. He focused on the fundamentals and did not have to fill my head with a million swing thoughts. It was a lot of fun and I now have the confidence I was looking for in my golf game. Thanks again.

- Mark -

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