Jeff Raymond

PGA Member

Jeff Raymond

Jeff, a PGA of America member since 1997, boasts over three decades of instructional experience in the world of golf. Hailing from Santa Barbara, California, his diverse expertise spans a rich array of roles. Notably, he established the Golf Academy at Sandpiper Golf Course and held positions as the Head Golf & Teaching Professional at Aliso Viejo Golf Club and Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Golf Resort. Jeff’s teaching style is tailored to individual student goals and expectations. Specializing in the downswing or transition, he emphasizes the critical elements of posture, alignment, and backswing positioning for enhanced ball striking. His deep knowledge of ball flight and curvature equips students with valuable feedback for on-course adjustments and independent practice sessions. Beyond mechanics, Jeff shares strategic insights, fostering a pro-like mindset to lower strokes. With a patient and positive demeanor, he ensures a fulfilling and enduring learning journey for his students.

Teaching Philosophy

Jeff understands each student has unique goals and expectations. He is a downswing specialist aka transition specialist but drives home the importance of posture, alignment and proper backswing positioning as critical to improved ball striking. A thorough understanding of ball flight and ball curvature provides each student with feedback to make adjustments while on the golf course and during unsupervised practice sessions. While on the golf course Jeff shares his strategic approach to shaving strokes by thinking like a pro. Jeff’s patient and positive approach creates an enjoyable long lasting learning experience.
30 years

Teaching Experience


1993 finished 1st in the Santa Barbara County Championship and the Sandpiper Invitational

1995 tied for 1st in the Southern California Chapter Championship

1996 finished 3rd in the Southern California Assistant Championship


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