Greg McFee

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Greg McFee

At the beginning of his 36-year career as a PGA professional, Greg taught at the prestigious Harder Hall Resort in Sebring, FL. He was the Head Professional at Concord CC in Boston, MA, for 9 years and has also had his own Golf Academy. In the ensuing years he has remained a passionate teacher dedicated to helping his students improve. Those students include several professionals and celebrities including iconic runner, Roger Bannister and even a US President. Greg credits legendary teachers Billy Harmon, Mike Adams, and Brian Smith with helping him learn his craft and the ability to teach several methods and styles. He is also an accomplished writer, having authored several articles about the game, and he has written a weekly newspaper instructional column. Greg believes that golf doesn’t have to be complicated, but it must be fun. His engaging personality and relaxed style make learning with Greg a game changing experience.

Teaching Philosophy

Balance and confidence are at the core of my teaching philosophy. These are components that every great athlete has had no matter the sport and reaching a high level of balance and confidence is what has set them apart from their competitors. There are many variations of grips and swings that have played this game at a very high level. Which proves that there is no one certain way to play golf. However, I feel there is a certain connection between the player and the club; the player and the ball; the player and the ground; the player and the top of their swing; and the player at their finish. As the player’s balance improves in these positions, the better their results… club head speed, swing plane, contact, etc. We are all different. Our abilities to learn, athleticism and physical makeup may differ, but our ability to achieve balance can improve every time we play. Confidence allows a player to make mistakes which takes pressure off their full swing. By learning how to control ball trajectory, curvature, handling different lies, reading putts, and knowing how far each of their clubs’ travel gives the mind the freedom to focus on playing shots. Confidence grows stronger the more the player gains knowledge of performing these tasks. I want the student to get stronger through the round. Only so much technology can fit in one’s golf bag. The better the scores, the greater the fun. Improving balance and confidence creates the excitement of playing golf a little better every time we play. Isn’t that what this game is really all about?
37 years

Teaching Experience



We can’t thank you enough for this experience, everything was great and Greg was not only an excellent instructor but a really good friend who made us feel at home. We are looking forward to continuing practicing all the teachings we received and to share with Greg and the Academy our progress.

- Juan & Marcela -

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