Brian Newman

PGA Member

Brian Newman

Brian is a highly decorated, Class A member of the PGA and has a degree in Professional Golf Management from Florida Golf Coast University. After 17 years of teaching up to 1,000 hours a year, Brian successfully launched and owned two golf academies in Fort Myers, FL, and now is on his third, at Aileron Golf Club. Brian has a distinctive background that includes golf instruction and fitness expertise. He has been a certified personal trainer and golf fitness and coordination specialist for over ten years, with several certifications from the Titleist Performance Institute.

Teaching Philosophy

I don't look to change swings when I go into a teaching session. I simply make them more efficient. This is my goal. I take a player's pre-existing habits, find their fatal flaw, and correct it in the simplest way possible. The technique avoids modifying a player's swing style and attacks the cause of the issue rather than chasing the effect, which is a common practice. By doing this, we will see positive ball flight changes take place quickly with measurable data to prove our concept. In addition, my job is to educate the students during their session since their perception of their swing determines its quality. "Understanding the 'why' and 'how' of a shot helps eliminate distractions and promote self-learning. After our session, the student will have a personalized and simple plan based on our findings." Lastly, as a coach, it is essential to be adaptable and adjust the learning environment to suit the student's personality. The students' overall experience is as significant as the improvements made, and I aim to create a fun, productive, and memorable golf school.
17 years

Teaching Experience


PGA Class A Member

3 Time Golf Fitness Association of America Award Winner

Golf Fitness X Certification Program Creator

Featured Instructor on Orange Whip Golf’s Swing Training Channel

Inventor of multiple award winning golf and fitness training aids

Multiple appearances in PGA and GFAA magazine

Inventor of 3D motion capture system, 4D Orange Whip Module

Multiple guest speaking appearances; TPI, PGA Coaching and Teaching Summits, PGA Tour radio, and more.


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