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The Golden Era Of Golf

We are in a magical era of Golf. Lorena Ochoa dominated the Kraft Nabisco Championship and won her second consecutive Major by 5 shots. One more win (which could come fittingly next week in her home country of Mexico) and she will be in the LPGA Golf Hall of Fame. Lorena is going to be wonderful for Golf (she already is) over the next few years. She is charming, courteous and gracious; and she has been the dominant female player in the game for the last two years. It doesn’t look like that domination will diminish, anytime soon.

Annika Sorenstam is perhaps the greatest female player of all time, and after a very sup-par (for her) year last year, she seems determined to regain her old form. Her recent play suggests that she is not far from doing that so the prospect of her and Lorena dueling with each other over the next few months, is exciting. It would be great for golf for many reasons. Both of these ladies are exemplary in their behavior and the way that they comport themselves (pay attention, Sergio) and their influence on behalf of the Tour and the game, will be enormous.

And; then there is Mr. Woods who is probably sitting on his veranda at Augusta right now, figuring out a way that he can beat all of his own records later this week, at the Masters.

To have in a generation, one player of the caliber of these three is extraordinary. To have all three at the same time, is something that we may never see again. Enjoy.