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“The FedEX Thingy”

That is how Ernie Els describes the inaugural FedEx Cup on the PGA Tour. I have to agree with the Big Easy. This hasn’t got me fired up, either. The whole idea of the FedEx Cup was, ala Nascar, to generate more interest in PGA Tour events in the latter part of the year. The winner gets 10 million dollars. That’s a staggering amount of prize-money but while it is great to see all the top players competing, there is still a missing ingredient. That ingredient is history.

There are 4 Majors in golf despite the fact that the PGA Tour has tried for years to make the Players Championship, a fifth one. Isn’t going to happen. If there are too many “Majors” it dilutes the importance of the real ones. No amount of clever marketing can make something instantly special. Special comes with the passage of time and evokes the memories of generations past. It cannot be produced or manufactured. It just is.