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Susan C.

Tom and I both thought it was an excellent experience, and that it  has helped our games and will continue to do so.  We enjoyed working with Greg.  He focused on the fundamentals and kept the lessons to the few basic areas that each of us needed to work on.  We’ve both been to golf schools before, and I’ve taken a lot of lessons over the roughly 25 years of playing.  I had a theory in recent years that rather than going to golf school it would be better to spread that money over many lessons, which I think has some truth to it, but in this case I think Greg’s concentrated focus on the basics, reinforced so much over the three days, actually was better than spread out lessons.  I have recommended the Bird school to several friends.

Tom’s handicap has dropped a couple of strokes since June.  Mine has dropped only slightly, but I did break 90 for the first time in months, and feel that my long game and short shots around the green are much better, and I’ve eliminated the big scores that led to going to golf school.  We’ve both reached out to Greg once or twice and gotten helpful same day responses.

That’s it for now.  We’ll stay in touch with Greg, I’m sure!”

Susan C.
Newton, PA