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Sandy Cable

Dear Jay,

Three years ago, no-one, including myself would have believed that I would be playing golf at the level I am today. I give all the credit to your golf school and my instructor, Jim Samsing. I have gone from a best ever score of 126 (three years ago) to a personal best of 84. My accomplishments have included a Flight Championship and a Member/Member Championship at my home club but best of all, I have developed a love of and passion for-the game.

While the accomplishments are mine, the credit all goes to the Bird Golf Academy. I could not have done it on my own. The beauty of the golf school is more than the desire to share your knowledge and skills with your students; it is the devotion that you give your students.

Thank you for giving me this gift. Any professional can teach the skills. Few, however, can a person develop a love and passion for playing and enjoying the game.

Sandy Cable
Genoa Lakes, Nevada

Golf School: Arizona