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Raymond P. Webb, Ph. D.

Dear Jay,

I wanted to let you know that Julie and I very much enjoyed our golf school experience at Jekyll Island in mid July. Mary Mills was a great selection — particularly for Julie and her work as a beginner. However, it is also true that she helped me significantly with tempo, follow through and finish. I have recently found myself misjudging distance in that using a 7 wood for a 150-160 yard shot found the ball traveling oops, 180 yards! Not a bad problem to have although it has meant rethinking the distance of all my middle irons, though I am still struggling a bit between the new distance swing and the old distance swing—if that makes any sense.

Again, let me offer praise for the style and type of school you have on the market and in particular, the great job that Mary did over our three days.


Raymond P. Webb, Ph. D.

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