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Paul Jackson

Ann Jo and I wanted to thank you for arranging the Jekyll Island Bird Golf School for us last week. It was a phenomenal experience and one we hope to repeat again and again.

Our group certainly presented a challenge to Roger Kreuter and Steve Godley and they met that challenge with grace and professionalism. Rachel had only held a club once before she arrived on Monday morning; by the time she left she was proud of her 100+ yard drives straight down the fairway. Ann Jo had been working on her swing for a year with limited success until Steve suggested ‘Tuck in your elbow!’; from then on she was making consistent contact and created a skill base she can work on at home. Greg (whom we nicknamed Tiger), has played for 12 years but had consistency problems; Roger helped him to turn rather than slide his hips and the trajectory of his drives improved dramatically.

I needed the most work – Roger changed my grip and my stance and I can already see improvement while practicing on Saturday and Sunday. After having me practice swinging with my eyes closed and then with my bifocals in my pocket Roger shared that my glasses prevented me from seeing the ball all the way through my swing – something that I had previously never realized. I could clearly hit better without my glasses; today I am ordering distance glasses and will keep my bifocals in my pocket when I play this summer.

The Jekyll Island Club was beautiful and the suites that you arranged were luxurious. Only the eager anticipation of improving our games could motivate us to leave the Club grounds each morning. We are looking forward to a return visit to the Club and the courses.

Ann Jo, Rachel, Greg and I are already making plans to attend the Bird Golf Invitational in November. We will all be working hard on the range and playing on the course so we can improve our games for that event. Since our younger daughter lives a few hours outside of Phoenix we will be able to combine the Invitational with a trip to visit her and her family.

We loved the complete Bird Golf experience and we are looking forward to continuing our instruction and improving our game.

Have a great summer – we will see you in the fall!

Paul Jackson
Gloucester, MA

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