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Miranda Fleischer

I wanted to write to express how much my recent wonderful experience at the Bird Golf School exceeded my expectations. Although my friend Nancy was the one who chose Bird Golf, the school was exactly what I would have designed had I built my own school. I played regularly and confidently several years ago, winning my club championship. Two cross-country moves and one baby later, I thought I had “lost” my swing and my confidence. What I wanted from a school was to bring out what I knew I had in me, and not a school that would try to rebuild me.

Bird Golf, and my four days with Shirley Furlong, were exactly that. I have always felt that when I was confident about the basics such as posture and balance, that I played my best golf because then I wasn’t worrying about anything while swinging. That was exactly the approach that Shirley took, and she reassured me that my approach to the game was the approach I should keep using. Past teachers had tried to get me to swing “faster” or “harder.” Shirley emphasized that I should stick with my natural tempo in my whole approach to the game, and then showed me how to mentally get out of my own way so that that tempo’s fluidity could come out. I don’t know how you knew Shirley would be such a great match after only a short phone call with me, but she was perfect.

In addition, the resort, course, and practice facilities were beautiful, and Shirley was an absolute delight to spend four days with. I’m a teacher myself, so I can recognize that at times, I was a bit of a pain in the bum as a student — but Shirley handled that with humor, and I haven’t laughed so much in a long time.

Anyway, thanks for a truly wonderful experience!

Miranda Fleischer
Boulder, Colorado

Golf School: Arizona


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