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Michael Sorensen

I am writing this to convey two thoughts regarding my experience at your golf school this January in Palm Springs.

First, I chose your school based on your curriculum concept. The idea of practice sessions followed by supervised play on a course with the Pro was very appealing to me. I certainly was not disappointed in the manner, quantity or quality of the format. Your school is not a lecture on golf theory, it is a direct attack on the individual game of the participants. I attended with my good friend who is much younger and more supple than I and what he was taught was tailored to his game as was my instruction. This is not the normal “one size fits all” instruction program.

Second, Craig Waryan is truly a “Master” teacher. I came to the school with one thought which was to see if there was any more game in my 60 year old body. I am a 7 handicap and have a few moments every year when a sub par round appears in my game. My issue is that I have never done this on a course over 6800 yards. I wanted to know if “given my personal limitations such as age, flexibility and strength” there was another 10 to 30 yards hiding in my body somewhere. Craig very skillfully gave me the tools in such a manner that I was able to incorporate them immediately into my game. His ability to both explain and demonstrate in a manner that got me to respond has made a very dramatic improvement in my game. Armed with this new horizon I am now excited to practice for the first time in years. Craig showed me that I not only could but that I should get more length. By the end of the school I had added and easy 20 yards off the tee and had the occasional 60 yards. More importantly I have renewed confidence in my ability to take my game to a new level. His understanding of the short game was masterful. He taught me a variety of very useful shots and concepts that I am sure will lower my scores and add to my enjoyment of the game. The course management help that he provided during the playing portion of the day was wonderful, particularly when he “talked the talk and then walked the walk”. Watching him manage his own game was worth the trip for me.

Thank you for your great concept and execution. I would recommend your school to anyone interested in seriously improving their game.

Michael Sorensen, President
Reoxcyn Medical Research
Salt Lake City, Utah

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