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Kerry Thompson

Jay. I wanted to take a moment to compliment the Academy and Sharron Moran for the learning experience I had at Crested Butte. Sharron was a very good teacher, and I believe my golf game has improved permanently. I know I have a long way to go, but for the first time I feel like I understand parts of the game rather than just being a ball striker. Like many amateurs, I have played .at. the game for years, but also like most amateurs I think I was mostly just striking balls rather than really understanding and playing the game. Sharron helped me to understand some of the game itself (at least as much as can be done in three days) with such things as to when to go for the pin and when to just get it on the green; when to take your bogey and go on; don.t make a double bogey by following a bad shot with a bad decision; how to recognize the swing mistakes and correct them with some practice drills; understanding the swing adjustments for different lies and ball positions. I believe I will also get a lot of benefit from the .Clear Key. teaching. I enjoyed Sharron.s company as well as her instruction.

The Club at Crested Butte was a great facility. The course is beautiful and the practice facilities are first rate. Everyone at the Club, members and staff, were very nice and made me feel at home. The town is very unique, and both my wife and I appreciated the small town atmosphere and uncrowned conditions. Although we missed the wild flower festival, there were wild flowers by the thousands everywhere that were easily seen from the roadway.

Overall it was a great experience which I will always remember with good thoughts. Please pass on my compliments to Sharron. Best wishes for the Academy.s continued success.

Kerry Thompson,
Scottsburg, Indiana

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