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Jon Veldman

Tim (Peightal) did a fantastic job teaching and coaching me during my five days with Bird Academy. Each day he systematically modified a part of my swing style which step-by-step added up to what feels like a great swing. It wasn’t until the third day that I realized what he was doing, which then made me eager to find out what would be improved each day. Tim taught me how to add various loft wedges to my game which gave me options I never had before. With the addition of some of Tim’s mental coaching, I should be able to reduce my handicap by 3-4 strokes (am currently a 9 handicap) as I integrate and stabilize what I learned in just a week. The best part of my experience is that it was not a complete ‘makeover’ of my swing, but rather a systematic adjustment of my basic game. The blisters are starting to heal on most of my fingers… Thanks again for a great week by one of the best!

Jon Veldman
Avon, CT

Golf School: Florida