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Jill Cooley

As I wrap up my week at Wild Horse Pass, I wanted to send you a note letting you know that this has been a truly amazing experience, far exceeding my expectations. And, there is one ingredient that made it so special and that was, without question, Shirley.

In my professional experience, when someone is a highly skilled specialist, that rarely translates into equally skilled abilities as a teacher. Shirley is truly unique in this regard given her accomplishments on both fronts. Bird Golf is really lucky to have such a special person as part of the team. Her patient, customized, high energy approach to teaching a returning golfer like me (with much to learn and many bad habits to break!), was incredibly effective. I am confident that I will be able to take what I’ve learned this week and improve my game significantly as I use the 32 ball drills to replace my bad habits with the ones Shirley taught me. And, while there were times we laughed about how I would be going home to get a break, I will be returning to Bird Golf to continue this amazing learning experience with Shirley. I will follow up with you to reserve time in early August at the Fort Collins facility.

Thank you for your support and the outreach to make sure everything was going well. I hope you can tell that I’m a huge fan of Bird Golf and I look forward to maintaining an ongoing relationship.

Thanks again,

Jill Cooley
Wyckoff, New Jersey

Golf School: Arizona