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Jennifer Cushion

Jay, just wanted to reiterate my thoughts from our phone call last week.
This experience was awesome!

Jim’s ability to:
… break down the elements of the swing; in language I understand
… identify areas where modifications are needed in each element
… and explain why/how those modifications will effect positive change in my swing
… structure a practice session that enabled me to identify “did it”
or “didn’t do it” in each element
… and then give me the tools to make those movements a habit when I
return home
… all while keeping me laughing.

Truly what I was looking for without knowing what I was looking for.

The resort was fabulous as well. The ability to enjoy a day on the golf
course, followed by some pampering spa-treatment action, a wonderful meal
with a nice Vino, I found my Thanksgiving Tradition Nirvana!

You truly have a jewel of a program and I thank you for all the effort you
place on making it authentic, educational, practical, and fun.

Looking forward to doing it again…. and again… and again!

Jennifer Cushion
Seattle, WA

Golf School: Arizona