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Gerry Agnew

I’m sure you guys get tons of emails from former students but just another shout out to our guys – Lee and Jim! (Lee Maiden and Jim Samsing)

My older two kids (Ryan, Justin) are actually 2/3 handicap now and to be honest I’m not sure I realized how good of golfers they were until we all attended Bird Academy together as a “foursome.” (Ryan and Justin were taught by Jim; Gerry and Tyler were with Lee).  We are all implementing the stuff we’ve been taught!

As the 60-something year old guy I never realized how little I knew about the game of golf.  As an example, I was ready to abandon my new putting stroke and go back to my old “pendulum” stroke until I reread my Bird Academy “black book” and Lee’s comments:  ‘After you watched all those putting techniques you’ve agreed with and will stay with that stroke. It’s all practice.’   It’s starting to deliver results!

Hope you guys are all doing well.  We had a fantastic time in Arizona!

Gerry AgnewThanks again for all that you’ve taught us and the experience that we had!”

Gerry Agnew

Editor’s note: We had the privilege of working with Gerry and his threes sons, Ryan, Justin and Tyler at our flagship site at Wild Horse Pass in Spring of 2021. They were all superb students as the above e-mail will testify but it was even more special for us to have the chance to spend time with such a terrific family.

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