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Gary Coburn

Brian and I wanted to send a short note to you and Jim about the three day Bird Golf Schools session we attended last week. After you and I first talked on the telephone about what to expect, I must admit I came to the school with high expectations. If anything, those expectations were exceeded.

First, you may recall I am a 9 and my son is a 16. I have played for years whereas he has taken up the game in earnest in the past few years. Despite those differences, Jim Samsing was able to customize a program that fit our different swings and personalities, and do it in a way that was fun. I have a better fundamental understanding of my golf swing now than ever before. I am sure that is true for Brian as well. In fact, he just called this afternoon from the Bay Area thanking me again for the golf school and reporting that he just shot a career best of 37 on the front nine.

Second, the “clear key” mental approach to the game that you teach is a real differentiator from the other golf schools. How many times do people say, “golf is such a mental game”, and yet how many people have taken a mental lesson? The player and personality profiles that we filled out beforehand, I am sure, helped Jim tailor our lessons.

Finally, the facilities were outstanding. To be able to go from the driving range, to the chipping/putting area, to the Executive course, plus be able to play a championship 18 hole course all in one location is a real plus. Conversations at the 19th afterwards were also high on our list.

I have already recommended Bird Schools to several of my friends and I know Brian has done the same thing. Feel free to use this unsolicited testimonial in any way you would like. Based on our experience, most golfers would benefit enormously from your school, especially if Jim Samsing is the instructor.

Best regards,
Gary Coburn

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