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Doug and Elizabeth Cannon

“Just wanted to follow up with you after our golf school at Whispering Pines this previous week.  Just a reminder that I worked for 28 years with NASA–and during that time I participated in numerous training activities  for our engineers and scientists. So I am quite familiar as to how difficult training is for complex tasks.  And learning a golf swing at any age is certainly that.  So as the astronauts would say–Mary has the “right stuff”.

With that said (and I know you already know this)–Bird Golf should consider itself extremely fortunate in having Mary Mills as a professional staff member on their team.  In particular she has this marvelous ability to tailor the appropriate instruction with just the right amount of detail for each student.  After years of viewing You Tubes–I really didn’t expect to see any drills that I had not seen in some form before.  Boy was I wrong.  Her extensive knowledge of all facets of the game combined with her patience, courteous but direct and honest manner are just a few of her major strengths.  It is easy to see how she has had and continues to have such great success throughout her career.

As Mary said before we left–our expectations especially for Elizabeth would be that there would be a few bad shots before the good shots would start to appear.  Well Elizabeth had a practice session on Friday after we had gotten home on Thursday.  It was without a doubt the most positive ball striking sessions she has ever had. And she has requested we go out again this afternoon (that is a first!).  Again we know bad shots will continue to occur–but that practice session just re-affirmed our investment in Bird Golf.  And just to complete the loop–I played yesterday and had two really good up and down chips from tight lies using a gap wedge–a club I have never used for that purpose.

Also the accommodations were fantastic!

So again many thanks to Mary and to you Jay for pairing us with her.”

Best Regards,
Elizabeth and Doug Cannon
Very Satisfied Clients of Bird Golf

Golf School: North Carolina