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Dick J

I can’t tell you how pleased Sonya and I are with the lessons that Sonya received over the past three days. Mary patiently and accurately diagnosed both Sonya’s golf swing and her golf state of mind, and focused on exactly the areas where Sonya needs work, in a way that was clear, logical and understandable to Sonya. We were meticulous about taking extensive notes (Mary saw to that) that will memorialize the lessons for us.

Sonya has had a few sporadic lessons over the years, but none have remotely approached the level of detail contained in Mary’s lessons, and none involved such a careful diagnosis of Sonya’s game and temperament.

Sonya will be on the practice tee on Friday, ready to build on the superb instruction that she received from Mary over the past three days. She may be a candidate for Most Improved Golfer of 2016!

Thank you all so much. We hope to see Mary and perhaps you in the future.

Dick J.
Ipswich, MA