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Dennis de Jesus

I have just returned from my Palm Springs vacation and wanted to share with you my experience with Coach Craig Waryan and our three day golf instruction at Indian Wells.

First, I wanted to comment on the wonderful facilities and accommodations that were set up at the Hyatt Grand Champions Resort. The location and proximity to the golf course and instruction area were convenient and the resort itself was both inviting and comfortable during my stay. Indian Wells is truly a world class facility and ranks very high on my all-time favorite golf destinations.

Secondly and most importantly, I wanted to comment on the fantastic instruction and valuable experience I had with Coach Craig. From the very start, I was nervous that a “semi-experienced golfer” like myself would be overwhelmed with a lot of information about what I have been doing wrong and was worried that an overhaul of my swing would be in order, effectively undoing all my habits from 9 years of play and causing me to feel as though I am starting from scratch. Coach Craig ensured that wasn’t his objective and basically spent time learning my swing, understanding my tendencies and then using that information to tweak and modify so as to correct and not just change for the sake of change.

For an individual like myself who has never had professional instruction, Coach Craig’s teaching approach was welcoming and helped me to not only listen, but retain his instruction. There were elements to the lessons that were both simplified and technical in nature, and both methods worked in concert near flawlessly. Credit to Coach Craig for knowing which method to use at which time. It was an absolute pleasure spending my time learning the game from such an accomplished instructor.

The definitive and most concrete evidence I can give of my positive experience was how enjoyable golf was during my time with Coach Craig and also every round I played after the 3 day program was over. I am now back in Calgary and absolutely disappointed that I’m unable to play until the springtime. I have already seen noticeable improvements in my game and I’m confident I will be achieve my personal golf goals in the coming season. Hitting the ball straighter, longer and with the desired ball flight is addicting – I just want to keep playing more. I feel I’m equipped with a lot more valuable knowledge on both the physical and mental aspects of the game and the retention of said information is entirely due to the excellent and commendable instruction of Coach Craig.

If this was the level and quality provided from all teaching golf professionals, I would certainly recommend professional instruction to anyone. However, though I cannot comment on other golf schools or instructors, I do now know what Bird Golf can offer and the quality of instruction from Craig Waryan. And without a doubt, I will recommend your school and especially Coach Craig to anyone interested in learning and seriously developing their golf game. I cannot wait to get back on the driving range this week, let alone the golf course next season.

Thank you so much for making golf even more enjoyable than it already was.

Take care,

Dennis de Jesus
Calgary, AB

Golf School: California