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Chin-Yu Lin

I want to take this moment to thank Shirley and Bird Golf for providing me golf school experience that exceeded my expectations. With Shirley as my instructor, I learned sound fundamentals of the golf swing starting from the grip, athletic stance and posture, and the actual swinging plane. In addition, with the help of clear key, I was able to reduce tension in my body before hitting the golf ball. I must say, with Shirley’s extensive knowledge of the golf swing and her fine attention to details, I finally learned and developed a golf swing that can be repeated. Furthermore, with her experience as a Tour pro, I’ve learned many ways of attacking the hole from within 50 yards. Thanks Shirley and next time, I’ll bring my wife with me. The experience really couldn’t have been any better!!! THANKS for the great teaching and a great vacation.

Chin-Yu Lin
Tokyo, Japan

Golf School: Nevada